Monday, June 19, 2017


     So yesterday, while the West celebrated Fathers' Day and Moslems celebrated Ramadan, a British father-of-four launched a suicide attack on a crowded Mosque. That whole scenario really is a definitive picture of our collective societal decline in many, many ways.

     The attacker, an alcoholic loser in a rented van, was dragged out of the vehicle screaming words to the effect that he was some great hero saving Jolly Old England while the Moslems he attacked held him down and waited for police. This was actually a brave deed on their part; considering that the van could have been packed with explosives for all anybody knew. That scenario should give us some hope in the face of societal decline.

     Not surprisingly, though, extremists on the Alt-Right/Red Pill side were quick to side with the attacker. Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer called the act one of "self-defense" and opined that "there is no White man on the planet who isn't at least a little bit sympathetic here." And commenters on other Red Pill blogs echoed more or less the same sentiments.

      But not every White man is sympathetic here; far from it. Murdering political opponents; disrupting speeches and performances; beating up people at protests; harassing and trolling people---these are all the tactics of the Whacko Left. In fact, doing things like this is what makes them whackos in the first place. Nobody would accept the Radical Left's ideals unless they were imposed by force and fraud.

      This is why Conservatives need to operate on a higher plane. We don't need to resort to extralegal (i.e. criminal) means. Conservatives win because our ideals actually work. This is because our ideals are rooted in moral---that is, eternal---truths. Liberal and other innovative policies always fail because they work against the Laws of God and Nature, rather than with them. Conservatives operate on a higher plane simply because our principles are derived from a higher plane than the mere Letter of the Law.

       As an example note that Christianity is the fast-growing religion in the Middle East. It's not because Christians imitated ISIS; it's because the examples of Christian fortitude, charity, and patriotism have impressed Arabs who've become disgusted with the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. That's how we win a war of ideas; and the Middle East is embroiled in a Culture War far more intense than ours.

      Frank Gardner, a correspondent at the BBC, understood it best. He wrote today that "Extremism breeds extremism. The one thing that Far-Right anti-Moslems and violent Jihadists have in common is the belief that peaceful co-existence between Moslem and non-Moslem is impossible. The unified prayers and solidarity across communities which have followed recent terrorist attacks are anathema to them. Extremists of both types want instead to divide society and will keep trying to bring this about by criminal acts of provocation such as these."

       Very true; and we should add that power and profit are typically the motives behind attempts to divide society. Always bear in mind that the Christian principles upon which Conservatism is derived is about unity and brotherhood, not division and strife.



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