Sunday, June 18, 2017


     The out-of-control Deep State in the Pentagon committed yet another Act of War in Syria by downing a Syrian fighter-jet today. Capt. Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman and Obama appointee, confirmed that the Syrian aircraft was shot down by a USAF coward after  the Syrians bombed the Deep State's terrorist friends. The Syrian pilot---an actual soldier---is reported Missing in Action as of this writing.

       It is time now either for Trump to intervene or confess that he supports the Deep State's activities in Syria. As Harry Truman said of the US Presidency: "The buck stops here." The President needs to fire the inept Mattis and relieve his subordinates immediately. We saw yesterday how Admiral Harris---the Pacific Forces Commander---caused seven American deaths and the loss of the USS Fitzgerald through his ongoing negligence and stupidity. CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel is on the razor's edge of plunging the Middle East into WW3 with these incessant and pointless crimes against the Syrian people.  

     Trump needs to understand that a military uniform doesn't automatically make the person wearing it a hero (a fallacy that too many Conservatives share). Mattis, McMaster, Votel, Harris, and others are Obama loyalists and following Obama's policies to the letter. Their policy is---and always has been---to facilitate the criminal activities of the Deep State abroad through ISIS and other surrogates. The Pentagon is essentially in the same position globally as a corrupt police department is locally---protecting the gang for a piece of the action while pretending to fight it.

     There is no excuse for continuing Obama's Syrian policy. There are no US interests in Syria other than the criminal enterprises of the Deep State. That ISIS has been trafficking in human slavery, weapons, narcotics and other contraband via Turkey and Qatar with the full assistance and knowledge of the Clinton Machine is well-documented. The Podesta Group, the Gephardt Group, and George Soros are openly operating in Turkey and pulling the levers on most of these criminal activities. This is the Obama/Clinton/Mattis/Tillerson 'policy' in the Middle East in a nutshell.

      Thus, for the Trump Administration it's time to act or allow the Deep State to drag us into another war. Fire Mattis; normalize relations with Damascus; atone for Deep State War Crimes; and withdraw US forces from sovereign Syrian soil, airspace, and territorial waters. It's time to drain the swamp before it's too late.

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