Thursday, June 15, 2017


    In the aftermath of yesterday's assassination attempt on the GOP Congressional Leadership, the Corporate Media and Academic Mafia have been venting their frustrations that the scheme did not succeed. Jesse Benn, a Deep-State dirtbag who writes for The Huffington Post, was quite unapologetic about the spirit of the attack; it was the method with which he disagreed:

      "For violent resistance to work, it would need to be organized" he expounds, "Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive or ineffective."

      This sounds suspiciously similar to the very sort of thing that Right-Wing extremists like Vox Day and Andrew Anglin say after some Red Pill flips out and attacks innocent people. In fact, Anglin has said on many occasions: "We don't endorse violence---it's bad propaganda."

       Jesse Benn is a doctoral student in Journalism at the University of Wisconsin who had previously written articles claiming that violence is an appropriate response to the Trump agenda (June, 2016) and that Whites should be collectively 'wounded' (August, 2015) for the US to understand racism, or something.

       And on the subject of wounds, Benn also said this about yesterday's shooting:

       "What's more harmful? Putting millions already on the margins at risk via draconian policies, or shooting a racist lawmaker in the hip? F--- Steve Scalise...the world would be a better place without him."

       It should be noted that Rep. Scalise was shot while donating his time for an event designed to raise money for charities. Scalise is a married father of two; a Catholic who has been a foe of the abortion racketeers and the Gay Mafia. He also is a member of Italian-American community groups and has volunteered at youth camps during Congressional recesses. Can Benn say as much?

      Jesse Benn is another example of why the American Corporate Media should be shunned by everyone. Unfortunately, trolls like Jesse Benn are read and followed by other losers like James Hodgkinson who eagerly act upon their suggestions. Benn even has a header on his website of President Trump hung in effigy. This is the type of person he is: and the type of person whom the Corporate Media and the UW School of Journalism welcomes into their inner circle as one of the 'Elite.'


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