Monday, January 29, 2018


       As if isn't aggravating enough with the Whacko Left publishing sleazy rumors about the First Family's marriage, the Alt-RINOs in the Manosphere are playing drama-queen too. The Red Pills are busy showing off their manly Alpha leadership by attacking girls again. 

        The Alpha-bully in question this time is pulp-writer Dave Freer, a toady of Vox Day. It seems that since the downfall of The Daily Stormer, Freer is vying for Andrew Anglin's position as Internet thug par excellence. He's currently viciously attacking Foz Meadows by spreading false rumors about her and her husband. Mrs. Meadows wrote a deeply moving article which indicates that she's had some serious issues relating to her pregnancy. All the more disgusting that she would become a target of abuse for these characters.

       There are some readers who may wonder why an issue mostly concerning the literary community is important in a general sense. The reason is that letting the Red Pills get away with this behavior only encourages more of it. We saw about a year ago the vicious attacks hurled against the Gersch Family by the thugs at the now-defunct The Daily Stormer. Dave Freer at The Mad Genius Club blog is doing the same to the Meadows Family. Who knows who will be next? The so-called GamerGate of 2014 gave the Alpha-Boys a taste of blood and they've hiding behind their keyboards fomenting these types of attacks. As Vox Day himself wrote just today about his opponents (both real and imaginary):

       "There is only one way to answer these people and that is to fight back at every opportunity; show neither hesitation nor remorse and defeat them resoundingly. Which is exactly what we have done and will continue to do."

       So says someone who considers Anders Breivik a hero and role-model for men. And in that same spirit, Dave Freer penned an incredibly stupid post that was alternately self-pitying and self-aggrandizing while snidely insinuating that the Meadows' maintain a 'front-marriage' that covers for homosexual child abuse. 

         Now then: what is the difference between these Red Pills' actions and those of the Mainstream Media? Didn't we learn recently from Project Veritas that the producers at CNN consider their audiences a bunch of dumb morons who have to be lied to? Freer and Vox Day behave exactly the same way. Changing the political stripes don't matter. Making up lies about Melania Trump or Foz Meadows amounts to the same thing; and both should be denounced. 

         And then, to make things worse, Freer actually compares himself to President Trump, saying: "He actually said what a lot of people thought, but were too scared to say because of the SJW thought-police "(whatever that means) "Now they discover that millions of people actually shared those opinions."

         Wrong: President Trump said what people thought about certain issues and 'millions of people' don't think anything at all about the Meadows Family. I think though that Trump disapproves strongly of Internet bullies targeting innocent people. His own family has experienced far more of that than the Meadows' or Gerschs combined. Freer evidently has delusions of grandeur if he imagines that his petty smear-campaign has the same sociopolitical ramifications as the 2016 Election had.

         We on the Political Right don't gain a thing by copying the tactics of the Radical Left. Morally wrong actions are morally wrong regardless of one's political orientation. This is why the Right---as William F. Buckley said years ago---always must be held to a higher standard and always command the moral high-ground. Most people respect moral behavior; and sacrificing our standards for temporary gain is to give up our greatest strength.



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