Tuesday, July 16, 2019


    For those who might have missed this story, a young woman named Bianca Devins was horrifically murdered on Sunday. The thug responsible for this crime then posted photos of the scene on Instagram, which went viral. Police apprehended this piece of human garbage as he attempted to commit suicide. Speaking for myself, I would have had a cigarette and watched him finish the job; but police have procedures that they have to follow. 

   These gruesome pictures have since been scrubbed from Instagram, but not before they 'went viral' and American Trash Culture had a field-day with them---like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot. In a rare (for them) act of human decency, even some American Mainstream Media outlets refused to post the murder photos, or link to them. 

   Not everyone on the Whacko Left was this cordial, however. Following the long-standing Left-Wing maxim of never letting a good crisis go to waste, disgusting Feminists and their male hangers-on were quick to post comments condemning all men for the crime. Not a peep out of any of them, of course, about the brave male cops who risked their lives to take Bianca's killer (he was reportedly wielding a razor). Nor about the numbers of men who both risk---and give---their lives annually to save women whom they often don't even know. Instead, we get garbage like this:

   “There are SO MANY MEN #onhere that think their harassment & abuse on this website is harmless. They don’t do anything about it &, in fact, many of them encourage it by sharing screenshots of people’s job’s & other personal information like it’s no big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL.”

  That's true to a point: men online do need to do a better job of policing their own ranks. But did this commenter ever consider that maybe the reason why more men don't do this is because Feminists are continually putting guys who do down as White Knights and Nice Guys Aren't Really Nice, and 'How dare they assume that a woman needs a man for protection'? Maybe women online need to do a little policing of their own and scold a few loud-mouthed Feminists who are making men a bit gun-shy.

   Then there were Feminist politicians like Brianna Wu, who weighed in: “‘It’s just online! Women should ignore the abuse,’ they say. Well, it’s not online anymore. …There’s something deeply wrong with what we’ve built. #ripbianca” This is just political goobly-gook: it doesn't even make coherent sense. Everyone knows abuse is wrong, so what's the point here?

   Hollywood, in the person of a Mr. Jimmy Wong opined, “Christina Grimmie was murdered by an obsessed fan three years ago. Another one broke into Meg Turney/Gavin Free’s home with a shotgun last year. Now, tragically, #ripbianca. Thousands of women die to rejection violence every year. This is a real issue, and we cannot ignore it.”

   I don't know as there are 'thousands' of annual deaths, however; I would say to Mr. Wong that maybe the increase in these incidents are coming from people like you in Hollywood and your cohorts in the Corporate News Media sensationalizing and profiting off these types of crimes. How many unbalanced men out there do you suppose are inspired by the kind of publicity you give people like Bianca's killer? Something to ponder, isn't it. 

  In Russia, after the Beslan School Massacre, President Putin imposed restrictions on how much publicity could be given the perpetrators of such crimes in the press. How many high-profile attacks have happened in Russia vis-a-vis the United States since? I'm not saying that we need censorship here; but a little self-discipline in our own Media would help a lot. 

  On Twitter, some degenerate named Rob Gavagan wrote: “It’s disgusting how much harder women have it in relationships. Dealing with abusers & stalkers affects all genders, but women get the most. They’re almost always the ones who get targeted and brutally murdered due to the absolute horribleness of insane, worthless men. #ripbianca.”

  I think that we all know this type of guy:

   However, there is one important factor in Gavagan's comment which should be addressed. According to the Devins Family, the killer and Bianca were not strangers to one another. In fact, it's rarely the case that victims like Bianca fall to strangers and psychotic serial killers. According to the family, Bianca and this man had an active dating relationship. 

  We're not arguing here that Bianca and other victims like her brought these catastrophes upon themselves; however their poor choices in relationships can't be overlooked as a contributing factor. And this where our culture---and Feminism in particular---is failing girls and young women radically. Our culture has become so reflexively anti-male that it no longer teaches women how to find and cultivate a relationship with a good man; while at the same time fails to teach them how to avoid the dangerous and dysfunctional men. And women are dying---not because of some inherent flaw in male psychology---but because of their own ignorance about male psychology. 

   Again, this is not blaming the victim as many in the Manosphere are wont to do. This is putting the blame squarely where it belongs: upon a dysfunctional culture which has done everything possible to undermine and uproot everything about normal and healthy relationships between men and women. Bianca isn't to blame for dating a rat like that: she simply didn't know any better.

   Tragedies like these should really give us pause to consider where we are as a culture and where we're going. Anyone who looks at this whole story from all angles and thinks that it's the mark of a 'progressive' society is simply delusional. We need to take a step back and stop finger-pointing at the collective genders and start putting the finger on those who are exploiting them. 


  1. Where on TV or in Hollywood are normal role models of masculinity and femininity portrayed? I'm not aware of any, but then again, I no longer watch this garbage.

    We are all being programmed 24x7 with destructive models of male-female relationships. Why would Bianca know any different? I blame not only the criminal, but all the institutions that glorify violence and indoctrinate us with lies about men and women.

    1. Yes---especially when you consider how badly American families have broken down (Bianca BTW had a step-mother); then the Media and the so-called 'Cultural Elites' have a disproportionate influence on shaping relationship ideals.

  2. The Night Wind, you are a breath of fresh air. I've read a few of your blog posts today, and you're one of the first people I've found to strongly state a more "independent" position that I also have, for lack of a better word. You come across like you don't want to be manipulated from any side. We need more like you. (I'm a woman and no anti-feminist -- just a Christian with a mix of complementarian and egalitarian beliefs.) It's almost impossible to discuss contentious issues anymore. It sometimes seems as if almost everybody is a member of a different cult or something. So, way to go, not being a cult member type of thinker! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for the positive comments! I think that everybody has some biases (it's just human nature), but letting other people with biases do the thinking for everybody is, like you said, 'cult-like'.