Tuesday, January 14, 2020


   In a move apparently designed to deflect growing disaffection from among the cultists---over promises which never got delivered--- Vox Day recently blew the dust off a dormant project and unveiled what he called Social Galactic 2.0. The first incarnation of this "alternative" to Twitter didn't survive a week before the European Union shut it down. The new platform was in violation of an EU law designed to protect user privacy from harvested and doxxed by the platform owners. The law has both advantages and disadvantages: but it does keep psycho cultists like Coddington Bear from putting people on 'watch lists.'  

   Vox and Co. responded by moving operations from EU Finland to Non-EU Switzerland behind a front company called Infogalactic. Readers may recall that this company bears the same name as Vox' semi-defunct 'Wikipedia Alternative.' It also is the front company for the shady Unauthorized TV. According to the Swiss Business Registry, Infogalactic AG was formed in 2017; about a year after Vox' Wikipedia-clone was unveiled. Their purpose is defined as "providing services in the field of online software and trade in related products." It seems a bit of a stretch from that to running social media services and vlogging: especially considering that the latter take subscriptions for services.

   An even more interesting stretch is that Infogalactic AG was formerly a company named Mevico AG, which seems to have been involved in questionable offshore financial activities.  The new CEO is a man named Gilbert Jeiziner. For being appointed to such an awesome responsibility as running Infogalactic, SG2.0 and Unauthorized TV, Jeiziner doesn't seem to have much background in business. In fact, there's very little information about him on the Web anywhere. Business Directories list his name and affiliation to Infogalactic AG; but practically nothing else; not even e-mail addresses. That's a bit unusual for CEOs, who typically flood their pages with information. 

   The typical shadiness around a Vox Day project aside; Social Galactic was conceived after Vox and other cultists got kicked off Twitter for repeatedly violating rules against doxxing and spamming. They migrated over to Gab. That worked out alright until Vox' poltroonery in the wake of the Charlottesville debacle. Several dissenters began criticizing him; and Vox flew into a rage threatening to sue Gab CEO Andrew Torba in Australia unless Torba turned over names of people allegedly defaming him. Sound familiar? Torba basically told Vox to go take a walk. 

Andrew TorbaPRO · @a
If our registrar requires us to remove something again we will publish it here and let everyone know that you whined to them because someone hurt your feelings with mean words on the internet.


   After months of blustering and chest-thumping, the Supreme Dark Lord rather ingloriously threw up the sponge.  And so, the Manly Alpha Leaders finally have their Safe Space---or so they think. This clip from SG 2.0 just turned up on Reddit: 

    Well, hunting down the mole ought to keep Jeiziner and the other spergs busy for awhile. Meanwhile, us 'Gammas and Beta Chumps' will be doing productive things.


  1. How's it feel to be a whiny retard who can't get over the idea of people using a platform not controlled by Moist scum.

  2. Love what you're doing here guys, keep it up!.. smm panel