Tuesday, May 29, 2018


       There's some interesting news out of Paris, where we see another example of good men doing good things. In this particular case, an toddler strayed out onto his parents' 4-story apartment balcony. Somehow, he crawled onto the neighbors' balcony. There, he slipped and was hanging by his fingers. His parents heard his cries, but couldn't reach him.

       The child's cries reached the streets below, and that's when 22 year-old Mamadou Gassama sprang into action.

       It took Gassama a mere 30 seconds to scale the building, four stories (about 50 feet) up. He took the child while balancing on a ledge, and returned him to his parents. 

      As it happens, Gassama is an undocumented alien from Mali. But today, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo recommended that he be rewarded with full French citizenship---which the French Immigration Bureau promptly granted. He's become something of a celebrity, with the French Media dubbing him The Spiderman of Paris. 

      This story is such an interesting contrast of true manhood in action vs. the petty carping going on in much of the so-called Manosphere. Nobody had to tell Gassama how to be a man; he simply was one. Even moreso: he is a Black African, whom most of these 'Alphas'
consider to be their inferiors. 

      Thus it isn't surprising that nobody among the Red Pills had a peep to say about Gassama; though (as usual) they were busy trashing other men and encouraging mistreatment of women. Maybe we'd see a lot less of feminist misandry on the Internet if men like Mamadou Gassama got more attention than the blowhards posing as 'Alphas.'


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