Friday, May 4, 2018


     The track team at Holmdel High School in New Jersey had a problem. Some loser was "on a daily basis" defecating on their field. Unlike the progressive cities here on the West Coast, Eastern cities don't consider public urination and defecation a human right. 

      So, to their credit, the Holmdel Track & Field Team took some initiative. With the help of the local police, they set up surveillance cameras and took turns arriving the field during the wee hours of the morning to apprehend the miscreant. And today, their efforts paid off. Police arrested 42 year-old Thomas Tramaglini of Matawan and charged him with Lewdness, Littering, and Defecating in Public.

      And it turns out that Tramaglini is the School Superintendent of the nearby Kenilworth School District. 

     Tramaglini was nominated for this $147,000 position in December 2015. His salary is about four times higher than the median income of Kenilworth. In 2013, at his previous position, he was awarded the Outstanding Educator Award by the New Jersey Teachers' Union. 

     Kenilworth Board of Education Chairman Gregg David said upon the hiring: "Dr. Tramaglini has an impressive background with great experience; he has a commitment to student achievement while achieving superior standards of academic excellence." Yes, well, according to Areavibes, Kenilworth's students' test-scores stand currently at 34% below average for New Jersey and 42% below average for the United States as a whole. 

      No worries, though. After Tramaglini was arrested, Kenilworth officials put him on a paid leave of absence. That's right: he still draws his bloated salary while in jail and beyond. 

      Tramaglini's case is another example of why we need swamp draining in the public schools---and soon. The fact that obvious mental cases like Tramaglini can rise to such prominence in our schools is a national  disgrace. 

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