Sunday, April 14, 2019


    Once upon a time, Vienna was the cultural and intellectual capital of Europe---rivaling only Paris in prestige. It is annual tradition there to hold a major festival the week before Ash Wednesday---the Opera Ball. This event is (or was) a genuinely gala event; presided over by the Austrian President in full traditional regalia. Ladies wear formal evening gowns; men in coats and tails, etc. The highlights of the ceremony include the Debutante Ball, where a dance is performed by 90 carefully-selected engaged couples; performances by international opera stars; and a special celebrity guest who delivers a short message about a cause in which they are interested. 

     For example, in 2013, the glamourous American actress Mira Sorvino was invited. 

     Mira, a convert to Christianity, gave a brief Easter Message and spoke about fighting White Slavery. Being a Christian and opposing sex trafficking isn't well received in Hollywood these days; but in Vienna, Mira Sorvino was the toast of the town. 

     This year, this august event featured a character named Tom Neuwirth. 

     And thus we see what only a few years of Cultural Marxism can actually do to a society. Understand that Austria is a fairly conservative country by European standards. In 2016, they elected a president who was a traditionalist and favored a Brexit for his own country. But under international pressure, the Austrian Parliament deposed the elected president in what was effectively a coup. A radical Leftist named Alexander van der Bellen was appointed. Below we see a picture of van der Bellen posing with Big Tom. (In case any readers can't identify which one of these women is really a man, it's the one in the white gown):

     And, in case any readers are wondering what country instigated the Austrian coup, consider that the woman in the black gown is Auma Obama---sister of our 44th President. And what was Big Tom's social message for the night? To stand fast with the EU and vote in their upcoming elections. 

      In short, the 2019 Opera Ball was an international disgrace; although the degenerates the Western Media were delighted at seeing the start of Easter Season opened with a Socialist-inspired Bacchanalia which would have shamed even the pre-Christian pagans and barbarians of Ancient Austria. Such scenes make me thankful that my great-great grandfather fled that awful place and came to America. 

      Granted, we have our problems too, but at least we're headed in the right direction. On Friday, President Trump affirmed a permanent ban---keeping clods like Big Tom out of our military. We've still a long way to go; but at least we haven't turned Easter over to the perverts yet.  

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  1. WOW!! What a story! And what a turnaround for good old Austria!! Mozart must be turning over in his grave OR maybe inspired to write the first trannie opera (that, naturally, never got published....).