Tuesday, October 8, 2019


   The King County Library System, which serves the Seattle Metro Area, was caught on videotape recently staging a homosexual strip-show at one of their much-ballyhooed Drag Queen Story Hours. As a humanitarian gesture to our readers, we won't post any photos of the obese male in a dress and red wig performing for perverted library patrons---some of whom reportedly brought their kids. The video went viral on social media, so it's easily found online for anyone with a physical constitution strong enough to watch it. Just have your Roll-Aids ready if you do, however.

   This hideous spectacle took place at the Renton Branch of the KCLS. Renton is a mostly blue-collar suburb south of Seattle and used to have it's own library system until just recently when it was more or less seized by KCLS. Renton seems to be the epicenter today of KCLS' homosexual-indoctrination efforts. 

   It's bad enough, of course, that these things are allowed to go on in America nowadays, but it raises another question: who pays for this garbage? It's a two-pronged answer. One is, King County taxpayers:

  Anyone unfortunate enough to be paying King County's exorbitant property taxes are seeing a good slice of the pie go to KCLS so that they can put on these kinds of perverted exhibitions. And it's not surprising that KCLS' Directors are all on-board with this. The head of KCLS, one Lisa Rosenblum, was formerly an executive at the Brooklyn Library, which has been holding Drag Queen Story Hours since 2016.

  And her confederate, one Tess Mayer, in charge of Diversity and Outreach Services; Adult, Teen, and Children's Services; Mobile Services; and Online Services. 

  Mayer, and the Director of Staffing, Procedures, and Guidelines, Jenny Engstrom are also veterans of the Metro NYC's Library System. 

   This trio controls a hefty sum of over $125 million per annum, of which salaries slice off about half. That leaves a big jackpot of over six million dollars for Library Programs and Aministrative/Other Expenses to push agendas like 'Drag Queen Story Hour'.

       The dirty hands of Corporate America are present here, too. The non-profit KCLS Foundation has raised about $4 million this year: the biggest donors being Boeing, Google, and a non-profit, The Moccasin Lake Foundation. This latter organization has, incidentally, donated over $1 million to Planned Parenthood. Microsoft, and Morgan-Chase Bank, two other corporations well into activism, are also major donors.

     KCLSF is headed by Kris Kaminishi; who's also a Board Member of the Feminist Washington Women's Foundation. Morgan-Chase, BTW, is a corporate sponsor of that group as well. 

  "She joined the WaWF transformation to connect with like-minded women and is excited about the Foundation’s journey towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion," states her profile. 

    It seems fairly clear that KCLS is less an actual library system and more of an activist network run by out-of-state ideologues and financed partly as a tax shelter for Big Business. The bulk of the financing, though, is coming from taxpayers---who are getting fleeced to support these parasites and their goofy agendas like Drag Queen Story Hour. There are still a lot of Conservatives in Metro King County: they should take back control of their libraries by speaking out and being active in their local governments.  

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