Wednesday, February 12, 2020


  A couple of weeks ago, a Youtube producer and Reddit regular called Inquisitor-Ipse asked to use some of our material in a proposed documentary exposing Vox Day, Owen Benjamin, and their various crimes and cultish follies. Well, yesterday, the project became reality. 

   Diary of a Madman is 45 minutes of fun---which in itself is a real achievement when covering Vox Day. On the other hand, the humor highlights the sheer absurdity of Vox' claims and schemes. The documentary itself was very well researched. For as long as I've followed the Cult, there were facts presented that even I hadn't yet seen and a good deconstruction of the phony Socio-sexual Hierarchy promoted by Vox and other Red Pills. And Ipse has already promised a second part to the video documenting their more recent activities.

   The Cultists responded with predictable outrage. But it wasn't that long ago, was it, Vox, that you were making exposes of your own?

  And, unlike Jordanetics, the documentary produced about you actually was based on facts. 


  What this duo of Alpha wieners is complaining about is a Public Records Request that Ipse filed in connection with the fake claims about Owen Benjamin's house being raided by police last December. In fact, only one police officer showed up for a welfare check. Here is the text of the actual report:

      "Smith" being Owen's actual surname. Interesting that Nasty Nate also comes in for a dishonorable mention. Slattery has been known to post publicly photos of other Bears' children and, by his own admission, engaged in homosexual activities as a teenager with young boys. As for Owen, his proclivities are well-known. Hopefully the authorities will return now that Owen is drinking Turpentine he's at great risk to force the poison onto his children and pregnant wife. 

     Anyway, be sure to check out Diary of a Madman on Youtube. Great job, Ipse, and we're looking forward to Part II!


  1. This is Inquisitor Ipse checking in. Thanks for the endorsement and great review! Most importantly, thanks for the assistance.

  2. Time to take a deeper dive into Ted's various front companies

    1. I've been working on trying to uncover what's going on with Infogalactic AG---the front company behind Unauthorized TV. It's another cut-out like Castalia House is.

  3. Much respect for you repeated deep dives into the malicious missteps of the misanthropic midget Dox Day

  4. That was a well done video, entertaining, darkly comical. Good narration, too.