Wednesday, May 27, 2020


    After an exhaustive weekend of breaking as many restrictions as possible, I awoke to the news this morning that the Elites had a new low even for them. Apparently, Twitter has put their fake fact-checkers onto the President's account. The majority of these so-called 'fact-checkers' work for non-profits funded by dirtbags like George Soros and Jeff Bezos. Most of their employees are stereotypical fork-bearded, beanie-wearing pyjama-boys with Asperger's Syndrome. The NPC's read these sites religiously because they can quote them and sound intelligent. 

   What Twitter actually did wrong, in my opinion, amounted to a personal insult against the President. By doing this, they put the Nation's Chief Executive on the same status as trolls like Vox Day. Actually, until now, I think that Twitter has done a fairly good job of resisting political pressure---which has been intense during the last four years---to censor the President. It may not be coincidental here that Twitter's headquarters are in San Francisco and---with California now practically under martial law---Newsom, Pelosi, and creepy SF Mayor Breed might have dropped a few hints that there could be consequences if the Bluebird didn't start playing ball. Whatever: it's just the Liberals once again being themselves. 

  Meanwhile, we're now entering the third month of the fake 'Crisis' and few Rebel leaders are allegedly easing restrictions while others, like the aforementioned Gavin Newsom, continue to double-down. In Chicago this weekend, Lori Lightfoot the city's "first openly gay mayor" turned armed thugs loose against area churches. Governor Pritzker of that same state has proclaimed a near-infinite 'State of Emergency' which---fortunately---the Trump Administration finally has intervened to curtail. At this point, neither Pritzker nor his evil Attorney-General Kwame Raoul have issued any plans or policies for reopening. Both of these two clowns have said that Illinois will remain under absolutist rule "until a vaccine is developed."

   Illinois businesses are among the hardest hit. VanHaus LLC, a rental real-estate firm started 12 years ago from scratch, stated recently that it is almost $50,000 underwater from property taxes and mortgages. The stories flooding in from that State are sad to read. An especially interesting one was from Jan Munday, owner of Weekdays at Munday's, a daycare in DuPage County. 

  “My center is family child care. The governor took and suspended all of our licenses throughout the state. No one is working on their normal license. Those of us working right now were given an essential workers license, meaning any child you care for has to be the child of an essential worker. Right now, I’m only allowed to have six children, period."

  Now this is quite revealing. In Pritzker's Red Utopia, so-called "non-essential" citizens are prohibited access to daycare. As Ayn Rand said, "Ideas have consequences." What many Americans don't seem to realize is that getting labelled "nonessential" by your government means a lot more than one thinks that it does. It expresses a fundamental attitude towards an entire sociopolitical class. All one has to do is consult a thesaurus to see what those attitudes are. 

    This is how the scum on the Left view the Middle Class. The destruction of the American Middle Class that we're witnessing now is not exactly a concept unknown to the Left. Don't think for one minute that the Left isn't celebrating every time a small or midsize business goes down. This isn't true in all cases however. The Chicago Tribune noted last week that the essential legal Marijuana industry has raked in almost $40 million a month since February. A heavy dope supply; homosexual dictators closing churches; the Middle Class declared parasites and liquidated while the Proletariat (service workers) are hailed as heroes---what more could a Communist want? 

 It's coming down to the wire, everybody. The American people had better start putting down the pot-pipes and the Happy-Pills and pulling their brains out of their shoes because we're about to wake up in a New Normal that people like Pritzker, Raoul, and Lightfoot have designed for us. That's not the kind of world any sane person would want to live in. 


  1. I keep wondering why nobody has pointed out that the term "essential worker" was also used to describe victims of Nazi concentration camps.

    Essential workers were allowed to work. The rest had to stay in the camps

    1. Part of the problem is our culture: Liberals are conditioned to tune out comparisons of themselves to Nazis, no matter how accurate it is:

      Since they like to refer to themselves as Marxists, though, I usually draw the comparisons there.

  2. Reading your commentaries, NW, is a painful experience - mainly because it hits almost too close to the Truth, and that is painful, indeed!

    1. Well, the good news is that Trump seems to have intimidated Pritzker. Today, he announced that he was jumping forward to 'Phase 3' of his plan already.