Tuesday, August 4, 2020


     When WW1 broke out on August 1st, 1914, a British politician famously remarked, "the lights have just gone out all over Europe." As we enter the 8th month of the year A.D. 2020, the Lamp of Civilization is glowing very dimly across North America and we are not very far from plunging into the darkness of barbarism that swept Europe from 1914 until the USSR finally collapsed in 1991. 

   Since the DNC's failure to impeach the President in January, a confederation of Corporate gangsters and corrupt politicians have risen up to overthrow the US Government by force. Their stated intention is to supplant our Republican form of Government and Free Enterprise System with an odd and ill-defined mixture of Marxist State Socialism and Jacobin Terrorism. This de facto Civil War has been raging across the United States since late February. The President has been reacting, but has found himself surrounded by a rats'-nest of Fifth Columnists within his own Administration which has severely limited any significant response. 

    As we enter the month of August, we're faced with the fact that our national GDP has effectively collapsed. Estimates of the damage in Fiscal Quarter II, 2020 range from the OMB's figure of -34% to Credit Suisse's figure of -52%. There have been over 100,000 business failures during Q2; and while it's hard to get an accurate number, the national unemployment rate is probably well within 30-40% of the workforce. The effect of all of this damage has been mitigated somewhat by the trillions of dollars pumped into the economy. Thanks to the RINO George Bush Jr, the M3 Money Supply's actual figure has been classified as a state secret, but one doesn't have to be an international spy to suppose that the economy is flooded with cash right now---cash that isn't apparently available because it's being employed to cover debts and purchase necessities. Which means that it's all gravitating upwards to financial and commercial cartels; and one of our future manufactured crises is bound to be runaway inflation. 

   The economic disaster is running parallel with a political one. There are currently several US States which are dictatorships in everything but name. In these States, the Legislatures haven't convened in months, and there are no scheduled dates for reopening legislative sessions whatsoever. The arbitrary decrees and edicts locking down entire communities are coming down from Commissars Governors who are ruling under so-called "Emergency Powers." If this kind of usurpation was being done in any other country, it would be called Martial Law---because that's exactly what it is. Since the US Constitution guarantees a republican form of government in each State, then it follows that these governments are---legally speaking---in a State of Insurrection. 

   As can be seen by the map, which is based on the relative freedom currently in each State, the Insurgents have seized power in most of our key States. They haven't completely consolidated power---as in the case of Wisconsin, where the State Supreme Court took their Government back. But everywhere else, they are meeting only scattered local resistance from a few patriots. 

  Most of the patriotic resistance in Occupied America is being led by local sheriffs. The Elites have moved to counter that tendency by flooding the streets with criminals and turning their stooges in Antifa and Black Lives Matter loose on the public. This has staged the pretext for an anti-police movement. The Rebel Governments have been moving swiftly to disarm and disband traditional police forces. This doesn't mean that the Reds are going to go without a law enforcement apparatus, however. Remember always that the Rebels only want to replace institutions---not abolish them. 

  No---what's coming is the end of traditional police and the beginning of a political police. Historically, similar organizations carried names like the NKVD, the Stasi, the Gestapo, OVRA, Red Guards, Kempeitai, Tonton Macoutes, etc. That supremely progressive organization---the Seattle City Council---has already drafted plans for such a new model police agency. Conservatives might be tempted to laugh off such a ridiculous-sounding proposal, but it isn't going to seem so humorous when a few of these trauma-informed ruffians knock on  the door at Midnight and inform you that they have a conflict to de-escalate. 

    I've haven't recited all of these gloomy facts with the intent to discourage everyone. But we need to be aware of what the situation actually is---after all, Conservatives deal in Reality---and admittedly the situation doesn't look very good. However, we do have some advantages. The Enemy is not invincible. We can fight them through the Courts, the Alternative Media, by defying their illegal demands and, barring that, by passive resistance. Don't volunteer. Don't help them. Work to expose the lies behind the Planned-emic and BLM.  

   Our biggest problem right now is that we lack tangible leadership. The speed, strength, and organization behind the Coup caught us all off guard---much like Bull Run, Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11 attacks. In the first two cases, we had competent national leadership and rebounded quickly. The third case was another story: and its mismanagement led us to many of the issues of today. But we can't get bogged down in finger-pointing; we all knew, even then, where the Clintons, the Bushmen, and the Obamas were taking us. We just didn't know when: it turned out to be this very year. What we do need to remember from the past is that complacency and appeasement doesn't work. 

   The fact is that we're all involved whether we want to be or not. It's said that there's a large Silent Majority who simply want to be left alone. Maybe that's true: but the Reality is that the Deep State/New World Order crowd isn't going to leave us alone. There's no amount of power that's enough for them. 30 years ago, bikers were being forced to wear helmets---today States are requiring that everyone wear facial coverings. 'How do they get away with it?' people ask today: the answer is that they get away with it because they've been getting away with it for several years. 

   And that is the crux of the matter: getting the lethargic and demoralized American to shake the cannabis-coated cobwebs out of his brain and start taking his Rights seriously. The game we're playing now is for all of the marbles; and whichever side comes out on top is going to eliminate the other as a social-political force. If their side wins, the Silent Majority is going to be silent through opposing force instead of by choice. 



  1. Once again, NW, you absolutely NAILED it!! Sadly, your overview of our current predicament (to put it mildly!) is spot-on - and I am NOT cheered by that! But, as it's famously been said, "It's not over 'til the fat lady sings!" And in our current state of affairs, there's still more fight left in many of us - and we ain't gonna let those bastards bring down the curtain until we "sing" (i.e., FIGHT!) at the top of our lungs!!

  2. I have a feeling that as more people realize the violent racists that many big corporations support (antifa and blm), they will no longer want to do business with them. Hence, we'll see some big companies plummet as well.

  3. Suddenly Gov. Cuomo in NY is in favor of schools getting back in session in September. It appears to me that he wants to distance himself from the “Peaceful Protests” by getting people back to their routines. It might also be to bring some sanity back in NY and he wants the rich that fled to vacation homes to come back, opening schools might achieve that.

    I heard on the radio that about 4 million children are homeschooled in the US but thanks to the lockdowns they estimate that will go up to 10 million as some parents will just continue with home schooling. It’s bad news for school districts because it cuts down on federal money they get per student. I’m glad though, school taxes are too high and the teachers that indoctrinated these protesters deserve to lose their jobs. I love it when Leftist’s actions cause unforeseen consequences.