Sunday, October 29, 2017


    It's hard to believe, but our site has finished another six months of existence. This last period saw some major progress. The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult took two heavy losses with the exposure and downfall of Robert Fisher---a New Hampshire politician operating the notorious Red Pill Subreddit; and second the universal Internet ban on Andrew Anglin's evil The Daily Stormer. And there's much indication that Churches are beginning to see the danger of male radicalization and take steps to combat it.

      The Trump Administration is draining swamps and restoring American culture. The Deep State elites have been losing ground as the people seem to have found a voice. Trump is also taking on the Opioid Epidemic head-on and breaking up criminal gangs like MS-13. 

       Our readership here has expanded globally. The biggest statistical surprise this six months was a dynamic readership jump in Turkey. President Erdogan has apparently lifted the ban he had on us before---maybe because we praised the way his guards handled the Antifa losers who protested his last visit here.

        National readership is as follows:

1. US
2. Russia
3. Canada
4. Turkey
5. Germany
6. The Donbas Republics
7. Australia
8. Ireland
9. France
10. UK

      The most-read article of the six months was published on September 27th titled Trump Launches Initiative to Close Science Gap. The Trump Administration---mostly through the influence of Vice-President Pence---has recognized that we are in grave danger of losing global leadership in science. In fact, we have already fallen behind Russia, China, and the European Union in several areas. As with the Opioid Epidemic, previous administrations were in denial about the US falling behind in science and technology. The fact that this article was most read is a positive sign that many Americans are getting on board with these initiatives. 

        The second-most read article was published on September 7th, titled Vox Day Howls as he Gets a Taste of his Own Medicine. The hypocrisy and double-dealing of Red Pill cultist Vox Day---especially after the Charlottesville debacle landed a few of his cronies in jail---came back to haunt him. The very tactics he proposed against others were used on him by his disgruntled minions. Actually 2017 has been a disastrous year for Vox and the Red Pills generally. Let's hope that we can make 2018 even worse for them....

        Anyway, we're looking forward to another six months...thank you to all loyal readers and commenters who've helped us grow! 


  1. I'd like to invite you to my new blog, Red Pill Fallacies which will deal with a Christian Response to the Red PIll, but in particular the work of Rollo Tomassi.

  2. Thank you for the link! I'm sorry for not getting back to you right away but was on a short vacation. I'll be adding your site to our blogroll.

    It's heartening to see more people standing up to these bullies.