Saturday, October 28, 2017


      John Horvat of the America Needs Fatima blog wrote an excellent article recently which all interested in social issues should read. He speaks in this article of the need for social safety valves; ways in which people can unite and forget their political differences. The Cultural Marxists have been breaking down these types of institutions for decades. This is especially true on the larger scale with men: all-male institutions and social networking venues have been co-opted by Feminists and homosexuals. But women have suffered too, because women traditionally found a cause outside themselves in the family or community works. These institutions, too, have broken down.

      Some may wonder why something as seemingly insignificant as the NFL protests are actually important. As Horvat notes: "The Left sees these calming safety valve issues as expressions of an oppressive regime which must be overthrown. Even the slightest recourse to safety valve traditions is decried as intolerable oppression that must be eliminated. The Left understands that importance of the safety valve to social stability. That is why they are using safety valve issues to advance their cause."

        Yes---Horvat gets it. He understands what many Conservatives do not: that what is being done in these types of Leftist attacks has nothing to do with the Left's concern for scouting, football, bathrooms, marriage, or 'gun culture'. It has everything to do with destabilizing society.

         Thanks largely to our dysfunctional educational system, most Americans don't understand that fomenting social instability and dividing society through Political Correctness has been a Leftist tactic since Karl Marx' day. The purpose of doing so---as practically all Marxists have said openly---is to create such social chaos that the tyranny of Communism seems desirable and benign to a populace desperate for law and order. The first modern Communist government came about in the short-lived Paris Commune of 1871 after the humiliating French defeat in the Franco-Prussian war and the chaos that ensued in Paris afterwards, for example. Most Marxist and Socialist regimes came into power in such ways.

         Horvat also makes this prescient point: "Pressures build in such a climate and can lead to radical social shifts. Indeed, life becomes impossible without social safety values."

          He touches on a point which we have brought up often relative to Men's Issues. In fact, most of the issues which Horvat mentions are deliberately and specifically aimed at men. The Boy Scouts, the Military, professional sports, all-male clubs, politics, first responders, etc. were all constructive ways for men to assert themselves in constructive ways and make a difference. These avenues have been closed by Political Correctness. Even statues of heroes are torn down; men's literature is removed from schools---and most degrading of all, men are being forced into unisex bathrooms: as if even relieving themselves is some act of 'patriarchal oppression'. Fathers and husbands are considered irrelevant in marriage. 

          Men are psychologically designed---by God or Nature---to defend and maintain a society. In the Old Testament, God's first command to Adam was to "defend the Garden and maintain it." This is a man's natural calling and the greatest fear of any male is  failure and insignificance. As an example, recently I observed two city street-bums fighting over who got a position on the sidewalk for begging. That's how strong the fear of insignificance really is in males---even in that degraded condition, one bum couldn't stand the thought of being a lesser bum than the other. 

         When men are shut out of constructive ways to assert themselves, it follows that they're going to take destructive paths. Some stop fighting and become male feminists or part of LGBTQ/Liberal culture. Others join cults like the Red Pills and pretend to be 'Alphas'. Others turn on society and become mass killers or join gangs like Antifa or Al-Qaeda. Many turn to crime. Many also turn to drugs, alcoholism, and suicide. 

        Nature is always going to take its course, whether would-be social engineers like it or not. But what course it takes depends upon us as a society. As Horvat says, it's a mistake to believe that an election, or an economic stimulus, or legislative action will turn things around. To undo 3-4 decades of cultural destruction, we are going to need some systemic social changes. 



  1. Good post. I grew up under Marxist belief and so I am keenly aware that the goal is to destabilize society,to tear down social structures, or as fems like to say, to dismantle the patriarchy.

    Long ago I read some historical documents about getting rid of a tribe of Native Americans, a land grab deal, and what fascinated me was the plan to target the men. Take away their ability to provide, introduce alcohol, and the whole society will soon collapse. Sure enough that's pretty much what happened some hundred years ago,something the few survivors are still trying to recover from.

    LOL, I've always been quite fond of men, but that tale really helped to open my eyes to how significant they are, how important men are structurally when it comes to those "social safety valves," upon which civilization is built.

    1. Even more, these types of safety-valve institutions are a way by which men can police themselves socially. Remember when a man's reputation often was linked to what groups he belonged to? That's another very vital function these groups performed.
      The Marxists and others always have targeted men to break a culture's backbone. What you said about the Indians is true; Imperialists also did the same thing in China with the Opium Wars and China is still recovering from the damage that did.