Wednesday, October 18, 2017


      Callista Gingrich, wife of the former House Speaker, was confirmed yesterday as the US Ambassador to the Vatican after a 70-23 Senate vote. Mrs. Gingrich is an activist in Catholic causes and has pledged to fight human trafficking and religious persecution in her new post. This is especially important as anti-Christian persecution is now at historically high levels.  The situation is further aggravated by the plethora of anti-Christian bigots in the Corporate Media, who cover up for, and applaud persecutors.

       Mrs. Gingrich is seen by many Vatican officials as a welcome change from Obama-appointed ambassador, Ken Hackett. Hackett was the former head of Catholic Relief Services, an organization funded by George Soros. During Hackett's tenure, CRS was exposed repeatedly funding and promoting pro-abortion groups. They were also involved---along with the Clinton Foundation---in some of the shady dealings in Haitian relief scandals.

      "The Holy See is engaged on every continent promoting religious freedom and human rights; while fighting terrorism and human trafficking and working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola and AIDS." she said. 

        Not surprisingly, all of the Senate votes against Mrs. Gingrich were from the overtly Catholic-hating Left, with Dick Durban, Ron Wyden, Bernie Sanders, and Pocahontas Warren leading the charge. RINOs Cochran, Graham, and McCain abstained. 

       Mrs. Gingrich, like Mrs. Trump, is a regular attendee at Mass. She actually sings in a choir at the historic Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. She heads a charitable non-profit organization and has produced documentaries honoring Pope John Paul II. 


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