Tuesday, July 24, 2018


     Roosh Valizadeh, the Red Pill shaman who runs the Alt-RINO Return of Kings blog, has penned an article on Roosh V announcing that he rejects the Conservative label because---according to him---Conservatives are losers. And he, being a manly Alpha leader, doesn't want anybody thinking that he is a loser, too. Well, a lot of us think that he is anyway, but that's beside the point. 

      So let's hear why we're losers. According to Roosh, "For the world to get where it is today, with the complete elimination of tradition in favor of a globohomo world where diddling little children is becoming normalized, Conservatives would have had to have lost every meaningful culture war in the history of man."

     I suppose that could be argued if tradition really were completely eliminated as Roosh claims. There are movements afoot to do this is, but they have been losing ground. The Trump Administration broke a huge stranglehold these Leftist agenda-driven groups had simply by defunding them. Britain has split from the EU; traditionalists are winning elections in the West. And, in Asia, Africa, and South America there's no legal acceptance of the homo movement. Homosexuality is a criminal offense in 73 countries while only 23 recognize homo 'marriage'. Two out of three countries in the world don't permit abortion on demand. 

      Roosh contends further that we've lost "on every battlefront" and gives us a long list of institutions that the American Left controls. He claims that "there's no sign of them ever coming back."

      Oh really? Every one of these institutions that he mentions is again losing popular support. The Media, the NFL, the Boy Scouts, the Public Schools: all these institutions are going down. Why? Because Conservatives believe in things like Competition and Free Enterprise, not, as Roosh says, merely "holding the line while their enemies rush at them full speed." 

     The Internet is breaking up the Liberal Media. Layoffs are occurring throughout the industry because ratings are so low. Just yesterday, the New York Daily News laid off half its staff. President Trump bypasses them altogether by using Twitter. The NFL is getting a challenge from a group of investors who want to start a new PC-free football league. The XFL is only a year or two away, while the NFL has been declining for five straight years.

     There are also alternatives to the Boy Scouts being launched; as well as Charter Schools. Homeschooling is growing and there are waiting lists to get into private and parochial schools. 

    No, Roosh. Conservatives are not losing. Look where we are in 2018 compared just to 2016. There aren't any more Ferguson-style race riots or cops being ambushed and gunned down. There aren't hundreds dying every day from drug overdoses. Farms aren't being forced to shut down anymore over things like water rights or inheritance taxes. In fact, for the first time in decades, farming is a growth industry.

    And what happened to all the Energy Sector layoffs---jobs they said weren't coming back? Well, they are coming back; and the US is on track to become energy-independent within the next decade, Corporations are coming back across the US border instead of Wahhabi terrorists and MS-13 thugs: the exact opposite of the Obama years. Businesses aren't being destroyed or people losing jobs anymore just for offending some pervert.

     Yes, there's still a lot of work to be done: but that requires actual effort---which is something to which the Red Pills seem to have a strong aversion. 

    What Roosh and others like him fail to understand is that Conservatism in its modern sense is relatively new; appearing in the Europe about the late 18th Century and North America about the mid 19th. We've fought off external threats like Imperialists, Fascists, Nazis, Communists, and Wahhabi Terrorists as well as internal ones like the Confederate Rebellion, Cultural and Political Marxists, Supremacist movements, etc. Democracy isn't easy to defend. Roosh is wrong again when he claims that we won't make sacrifices to defend tradition. In fact, political extremists murdered four US presidents and nearly killed a few others. 

     The other thing that Roosh also ignores is just how much his own movement has contributed to cultural decline. Inciting gender and race conflict, for example. Or his whole Game/PUA philosophy which treats women as expendable and deplores traditional things like marriage and family. 

      "The biggest reason" he pontificates, "why Conservatives will continue to lose is that they're not ready to kill the Left even though the Left is ready to kill them." I'm not sure that a lot of Communists weren't killed by Americans during the Korean and Vietnam Wars or during the Grenada Expedition, but I digress. The context in which Roosh states this clearly indicates that he's referring to domestic political violence: "Liberals have been getting Conservatives fired on a daily basis while suing businesses out of existence while the Conservative loser merely whines about it on Twitter."

      If Roosh would pay attention, he'd see that Conservatives have met these injustices with much more than complaining. Fired Conservatives have been offered new jobs by other Conservatives. Conservative lawyers have worked pro bono to defend businesses caught in these lawsuits and even had a recent Supreme Court victory. Donations have rolled in to help a lot of these people. 

     Our Constitution specifically guarantees the "Right of the people to assemble peacefully and petition the government for redress of grievances." It says nothing about settling differences with armed insurrection or forming groups like the Viet Cong or Al-Qaeda to impose our political will. This is also why we have a 2nd Amendment: to defend ourselves against extremists who seize the government by force. 

     And that's what Roosh and the other Red Pills and Alt-RINOs really object to. They're really not opposed to the Left's tactics---they oppose the Left having a monopoly on using them. That's why we've said all along that these guys aren't of the Right at all; but are in fact the Reactionary Left. Their growing contempt of Conservatives only proves this even more. 


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