Saturday, July 14, 2018


    Recently on another forum, a young woman wrote asking for relationship advice. After writing a response explaining how gender polarity and complimentary relations worked, out of the blue came a torrent of criticism from a hysterical homosexual. Well, my opinions on that lifestyle are no secret; and after expressing them, the predictable happened. The moderator was deluged with screams of 'homophobia' (which I also claim is a myth) and of course I was banned.

    The ban itself was really not too big a deal, but the incident got me to thinking. Why would concepts like gender polarity and complimentarianism so upset the Gay Mafia? Then I realized that there are three groups who really oppose harmonious relationships:

1. The Feminists, because these beliefs contradict misandry. 

2. The Red Pills, because these beliefs contradict misogyny.

3. The Gay Mafia, both because they contradict androgyny and the whole mythology of homosexual equality.

     It's often been a mystery as to why both the Red Pills and Feminists have so many homosexuals among them. Some Red Pills like Jack Donovan and a Voice for Men are overtly so; and there's quite a number of latent ones at sites like Dalrock and Return of Kings. And, at male feminist sites like We Hunted the Mammoth and The Blue Pill Subreddit, homos are also quite well represented. Now, I think that the reason is clear.

     What the homo commenter and his jackass moderator revealed is that the Gay Mafia has a vested interest in keeping the so-called 'Gender Wars' going. In fact, if one thinks back to the 1990's, it was really Hilary Clinton---an obvious Lesbian---who used her co-presidency with her effete husband who really mainstreamed the whole 'Gender War' narrative. 

    This leads us to wonder just how much influence militant homosexuals actually have in driving these toxic cultural trends. Feminists and Red Pills are driven by envy and hatred, of course; but few realize how the envy and hatred that homosexuals feel against all those of normal sexual desires can piggyback on these sex-negative movements. Their ultimate goal, however, is different in that they don't promote gender supremacy, but gender nihilism. For that is what so-called 'gender neutrality' really is: it means annihilation of gender as a societal concept. 

      It also demonstrates that Traditional Marriage and so-called 'Gay Marriage' cannot coexist in a society without destroying the meaning of marriage altogether. No wonder Red, Blue, and Rainbow Pills form mutual alliances; they all desire to see traditional marriage destroyed. 

     It's time for another Just Say No to Drugs campaign: this time including the verbal narcotics flowing out of pop culture. 

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  1. Appreciate this post. I do believe these cultural trends are very toxic. I call it a perfect confluence or an unholy alliance.

    Our design is very important to our health and well being as a people. I sometimes call men and women a Divine comedy, because we are kind of bound together in this mutually cooperative process, not always of our own choosing. There is an exchange going on, a harmony when you find men and women working together cooperatively. It is fueled by our desire for one another. So when you remove the feminine influence, you tend to wind up with a bunch of bitter and hard men, dreaming of being alphas or homosexuals doing the same, as if women are not needed in the sexual equation at all. The whole alpha mentality is actually a simple one of "might makes right," cloaked in the guise of sexual desirability of course, but what it really means is getting all the females, or getting all the stuff, or all the admiration,all the power. Lesbians are actually doing the same thing,erasing the feminine and it's influence entirely. And feminists do the same, things perceived as traditionally female must be destroyed and rejected in favor of what they believe men value and are valued for. While there are many violations of men's rights going on right now, and an overall cultural disrespect and disparaging of men going on, it's actually women who are in real danger and the feminine parts of ourselves as people that are being erased. It's the feminine that helps bring out the parts in men that are good, like honor and sacrifice and love. Conversely, women without the influence of men go quite insane too, I assure you. Alphas have an inability to empathize with women, red pills have an inability to empathize with women, feminists have an inability to empathize with the feminine, and homosexual guys believe they are the feminine.

    Sir Guy who recently passed, saw some of these truth too and often did a far better job of explaining it than I just did, but some of his concerns about the world expressed themselves in his attempts to teach women how to embrace their feminine side and to rediscover how we really can lead our culture from behind. "Leading from behind" is kind of an amusing and not altogether unpleasant complementary concept of simply influencing men and calling them to their higher selves.