Tuesday, August 16, 2016


      Edward Snowden, now living in exile for his exposure of the Obama Administration's crimes, publically spoke today on this weekend's cyber-attack on the NSA front organization, The Equation Group. Snowden pronounced the leaked documents genuine and stated that, in his belief, the hack was intended to send a message that the Equation Group's illegal activities could be directly linked to the US government.

       The Equation Group is a secret band who produce sophisticated malware programs. Their existence was disclosed in a 2015 International Cyber Security Conference in Mexico City. There is strong circumstantial evidence linking the group to the NSA. It was known to have begun operations at the time the Department of Homeland Security was founded; its malware bears NSA codes; and the time stamps correspond to DC-based federal work schedules. Additionally, most of their known targets center on countries with whom the US is antagonistic: Iran, Russia, and Syria. It is believed to have around 60 operatives. But Snowden hinted that that may not be the limits of the Equation Group's activities.

      "This leak is likely a warning that someone can prove US responsibility for any attacks that originated from this malware server. That could have significant foreign policy consequences, particularly if those operations targeted US allies. Especially if those operations targeted elections."

      The leaked documents may become public anyway, as Wiki Leaks' Julian Assange now claims to have copies, which will be published soon.

       The LGBTQ-friendly NSA has yet to respond. The servile US Corporate Media is likewise burying the story. Which should not be surprising since many parent-companies of US news media outlets are themselves NSA contractors. For example, Thompson-Reuters, a Canadian based conglomerate, manufactures the software that NSA uses to maintain domestic watchlists. Their system, too, was hacked earlier this year.

       It's difficult to say whether the lethargic American populace will be much disturbed by these new revelations. Snowden's earlier revelations about widespread NSA domestic espionage barely raised any concern here in the Prozac Nation, although it did cause considerable damage abroad when NSA activities were exposed in other countries.

       Once upon a time in America, however, agencies like the NSA were considered secret police forces and the types of crimes NSA commits both against the American people and foreign nationals would never have been tolerated. But in our Postmodern Era, where Might makes Right and Integrity is for Suckers, the Ameroboob would prefer to look the other way. Most Americans today are firmly convinced that Liberty is not too high a price for so-called 'security.'

      Fortunately, though, heroes like Snowden and Assange are on the job. A free people have no need of secret police forces. In America today, few dare speak their minds because of the NSA; essentially a Political Underworld that will stop at no crime to achieve the objectives of certain interest groups. What criminal enterprises like NSA mostly rely upon for their power is the fear and apathy of the American public.

        It appears, though, that the tide may be turning in the direction of freedom again. A few good men like these, and a few foreign governments like Russia and China are proving that the Wall Street/Beltway elites are not invincible. That, in turn, can embolden other men to take action.


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