Saturday, August 20, 2016


   The Neo-Nazi rulers in what is left of Ukraine are mulling the possibility of declaring martial law. The pretext for this move is an alleged threat from Russia---actually caused by a failed terror attack in Crimea tied to Ukrainian officials. The Regime's approval ratings among the Ukrainian people are at all-time lows. But the Ukrainian Army---mostly a mercenary force made up of European Skinheads and Wahhabi Jihadists---remain loyal.

    This week, DC Leaks exposed 2,500 secret documents from the Soros Foundation, which complicated matters for the Kiev Regime greatly. George Soros, one of the Wall Street Oligarchy, has been implicated deeply in intrigues favorable to Kiev. In the first batch of leaked files we learned that Soros purchased interest in the Ukrainian media and built a network between them and select international news outlets to slant foreign opinion to favor Kiev. In the next batch, we discovered that Soros lobbied the European Union for a bailout to stabilize the Ukrainian economy---though not disclosing to the EU that Wall Street insiders whom Soros coordinated were buying Ukrainian interests at rock-bottom prices first.

       Today we learned that shortly after the 2014 coup, Soros met with top US and Ukrainian officials; and in fact basically dictated policy to them. Soros held a series of meetings with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. Pyatt stated in the leaked document that US Secretary of State John Kerry "would be interested to hear Soros' views on the situation."

       "What should the US government be doing differently than it is currently doing?" Pyatt asked---not of the President or the American people, but of a Wall Street hedge-fund manager. To which Soros replied:

         "Obama has been too soft on Putin, and there is a need to impose intelligent sanctions. These sanctions should be imposed for 90 days; or until Russia recognizes the new government."

          So how do our European readers like that revelation? The higher prices you pay thanks to EU sanctions came to you courtesy of a Wall Street market-manipulator. And, as a side note, Wall Street's profit-margins have jumped considerably since the sanctions were imposed. And then there is TTIP...

        At Pyatt's solicitation, Soros agrees to fund a professional Public Relations firm to organize a global smear campaign against President Putin, facilitated of course through Soros' media channels. He also suggests hiring professional agitators to foment anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine.

        These are the same people who, since 2014, have been accusing Russia of doing everything they themselves are guilty of in Ukraine. Where in the US Constitution are unelected financial robber-barons given legal authority over American foreign policy? Nowhere: but it happens because the American people choose to live in denial that it is happening.

        It is a fact that must be faced, however. People who have no qualms about sacrificing innocent Ukrainian lives for their own profit will have no scruple about sacrificing American lives either. It is past time that Congress intervened here and launch a meaningful investigation into Soros and his henchmen.



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