Thursday, August 11, 2016


    Things aren't looking well these days for America's LGBTQ-friendly military. The Pentagon is facing a number of embarrassing situations this week; although they still have yet to resolve the minor problem of 90 US atomic warheads sitting in hostile Turkish territory. That story has fallen from the Corporate Media's sphere of interest; with the Prozac Nation finding more substance in stories about a basketball player who claims to have broken his penis three times.

      The Navy announced today that it would seek disciplinary action against Lt. David Narker. Narker commanded the patrol ships captured by Iran in January; and whose poltroonery in front of that country's armed forces made the US Navy an international laughing stock. Narker is the third officer to be disgraced in the aftermath of that debacle.

       The Pentagon and the Corporate Media are desperately trying to spin the story to scapegoat Iran, with some spurious claims that the Iranians somehow violated international law. However, when a heavily-armed ship enters foreign territorial waters and the crew immediately surrenders, falls on its knees and starts crying for mercy, it is difficult to imagine another course of action that Iran could have taken.

        The Pentagon was also obliged this week to revise---for the first time in decades---its dietary standards. It seems that the national obesity problem is effecting our brave men and women in uniform as well. Lowering the fitness standards to accommodate homosexuals and women seem to be having a negative effect.

            Army Sergeant Major John Troxell, once again displaying the intellectual acumen of today's military leadership said to the press: "This problem gives us a potential liability on the battlefield. The minute we lose that competitive advantage in combat because our enemies are training harder than we are, we'll have more problems than we have right now."

             Really? Who would have imagined that better-trained and more physically fit soldiers actually performed better in combat? The new standards, however, are still being debated. There seems to be some controversy among more politically-correct Pentagon officials relating to fat acceptance and self-esteem issues over negative body images.

              And another scandal has also arisen on the beleaguered island of Okinawa. Following further anti-US protests, which have delayed the construction of some helicopter landing pads, the post-BREXIT British government disclosed that the Pentagon illegally used the Okinawa Base to train British military personnel in 2015. This was in direct violation of the 1960 treaty with Japanese Empire, that specifically prohibits third-party nations from employing the Okinawan base. This was especially egregious since it appears that nobody in the Obama Administration bothered to ask Japanese permission first.

            Okinawan authorities immediately demanded that the Pentagon confess to which other countries the base has illegally granted access. Considering Obama's proclivity for training proxy forces on US bases, the Okinawans' concern is a legitimate one. US military personnel and civilian contractors account for most of Okinawa's crime rate.

            The American people need immediately to start demanding some kind of action; because it is becoming increasing obvious that---despite its technological advantages---our military is absolutely no condition either to fight wars abroad or maintain peace at home. Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism is rotting the military from the inside out; just as it has our schools and media. Unfortunately, the passivity of the average Ameroboob will allow our military to decline, just as it has allowed most other institutions to decline.

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