Monday, February 5, 2018


     After the infamous Nunes Memo was made public, the Democrats' attempts to subvert the Administration with fake news about Russian Electoral interference have basically collapsed. It really should have collapsed a long time ago, with media figures caught admitting to the hoax last Summer. 

     RINO Senator John McCain---who hates Russia with a frenzy bordering on paranoid schizophrenia---denounced the Memo's release stating that the only interest served was Vladimir Putin's. McCain incidentally thought that Russia's presence in Syria was a greater threat than ISIS' presence there. 

      So, picking up the bait, CNBC turned to pundit Donny Deutsch. Deutsch went into hysterics---visibly shaking and screaming that people must take to the streets; there was a pro-Russian coup underway; that Trump was a dictator, etc. Why Trump never uses these alleged dictatorial powers to suppress his media opponents was never explained. 

      See, Mr. Deutsch, in real dictatorships people like you don't get to go on nationwide cable TV and demand protests against the government. This is one of the first precepts that were formerly taught in Journalism schools. But---like many other Corporate Media 'experts'---Deutsch has never had any actual schooling in journalism.

     Deutsch inherited an advertising firm from his father and sold it for $265 million. But in today's media environment, that entitles one to become a news commentator. Even though his ventures into cable news were cancelled after ratings plummeted, Deutsch is still invited on these shows as if his opinion actually matters. 

        Deutsch has also been involved in some shady real estate deals and has lost two multi-million dollar judgments to creditors whom he swindled. His wife divorced him for his numerous adulterous affairs. He openly calls himself a Male Feminist, though. In 2013, he announced that he was a Democrat---to no one's surprise; since his behavior is fairly typical of DNC leaders. Open Secrets records that he was a major donor to Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer; as well as former DNC  politicians John Edwards and Dick Gephardt. 

         In other words, Donny Deutsch is nothing but a paid apologist for the Deep State and the kinds of 'leadership' we left behind in 2016. He's also a good reminder of why we don't want those people back. 


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