Saturday, February 3, 2018


      If anybody still cares, this weekend will determine the NFL Championship. But as we occasionally do here (when such stories start piling up) see which miscreants are seeking championship-level victim status. 

      Let's start with a football-related story:

        NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, whose tenure in 2017 reached the nadir of a five-year revenue decline, had a tough week. With promoter Vince McMahon's announcement of a new football league and Super Bowl LII already projected to have historically-low ratings: Goodell held a press conference and essentially blamed everyone but himself for the disastrous 2017 showing. Especially the fans---whom Goodell believes are being quite unreasonable. "This whole controversy over the Anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues." he blubbered, without explaining what conversations or issues he was talking about. Yes---translated into plain English, he's telling fans to overlook the protests and his own incompetence in dealing with them: to grow up and focus on the real issues. Whatever that means. 

        Then, a late entry from The Late Show:

      John Mellencamp---an 80's pop-star formerly known as John Cougar---appeared on Stephen Colbert's program to make a public scene. The first big surprise for those of us who grew up during the 80's was learning that Mellencamp was still alive. 

        Apparently in revenge for not being invited to perform at the Super Bowl, Mellencamp dropped to his knees and gave a 'Black Power' salute---to the applause of nitwit Colbert and his Leftist studio audience. This, of course, was all a publicity stunt; but Mellencamp ran squawking to the media anyway blaming President Trump for "politicizing legitimate protest" after his actions were denounced all over the Internet. 

        While we're on the subject of Internet denunciations, one of the players in the recent Red Pill attacks on the Meadows Family has apologized (sort of):

      Sci-Fi writer Lou Antonelli---who with Brad Torgersen, Dave Freer, and Vox Day---has been circulating a number of false stories about Toby and Foz Meadows issued a formal apology yesterday; claiming that his attempts to doxx innocent people was caused by misreading "faulty IP Address detectors." We tend to believe it was a lot more to do with negative reactions from the literary community. At any rate, Antonelli might have had more credibility if he didn't have an extensive history of this kind of behavior. 

        But Red-Pills and Alt-RINOs are quite handy with the Victim Card and this one is no exception:

       British police arrested Ethan Stables en route to attack a homosexually-themed bar with a machete. Stables allegedly planned to commit mass-murder in such a way that Moslems would be blamed. How did the police upend the plot so quickly? Well, Stables posted his entire plan on Facebook and somebody reported him. Stables is quite angry that "SJWs" would violate his right to privacy and free expression by denouncing this obviously public-spirited project. 

        And another political whiner:

        Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez---of whom we wrote earlier this week---is blaming "Right-Wing spin doctors" for allegedly misrepresenting his outburst during the State of the Union Address. Gutierrez told the credulous Corporate Media that he was rushing off because he was late for an interview (though his story about which media outlet this was varies). Regardless, he did have enough time to fire off hysterical posts on Twitter bashing Trump as a 'racist'. 

         And a pair of other Democrats round off the list:

       Nashville Mayor Megan Barry (right) and Police official Robert Forrest (left) got caught in an adulterous affair (both are married to other people). That's not though the whole story. Because Forrest was the head of the mayor's security detail, his travel expenses were paid for out of city funds. As the mayor's travels have come under scrutiny, some question the trips the pair made to places like Paris and Athens along with six major US cities in less than a year. Both claim that the trips were 'business related'; and that they are victims of others out for their jobs. 

        After a list like that, whichever team loses the Super Bowl won't feel so bad about losing afterwards. But then again, a lot of NFL players are good candidates for the list themselves.  

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