Tuesday, February 13, 2018


      It's really amazing that anyone takes the American Corporate Media seriously any more. Aside from the constant stream of fake news---which is often very easily discredited---we have a growing list of so-called professional journalists getting caught in one repulsive act after another. And small wonder. When we learned last September that the social gatekeeper of the Beltway Media Elite was an admitted practitioner of Satanic Black Magic,  what was left of the veneer of respectability evaporated.  

     So it's not surprising to hear from The Miami Herald that 25-year news veteran Robin Cross of WSVN-7 was suspended after being caught on videotape harassing and intimidating her next door neighbor. According to many sources, Cross has been a nuisance ever since she moved into the neighborhood. She has a particularly nasty habit of trotting out her press credentials and threatening to dig up dirt on people when she doesn't get her way. 

     And so her downfall came after doing this to neighbor Robert Fenton, a Miami-area car dealer. The minute-long video clip is laced with profanity: Cross is screaming, "You don't own the f----g road! Yes, I said f---- in case you haven't heard it before! Except maybe from your f----g son who's dating a f----g nigger! There, I said it out loud!" 

     Fenton's son is an attorney who is dating the ebony lass to whom Cross refers. In a statement to WSVN, Avery Fenton stated that his girlfriend "is a wonderful woman who was reduced to a racial slur by one of your employees last night."

      The racial angle to this story is interesting. Not only did Cross' actions show her to be a typical journalistic bully but a covert racist as well. It's not so much that Cross used a racial slur so much as the fact that for 25 years, she posed as an objective, racially-neutral reporter. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if she was reporting on race-related issues quite favorably (or more accurately politically correct). But what we see is that was all put-on; and that journalists act quite differently when they think that no one is watching. 

       In the bigger scheme of things though, this is further evidence that American media culture is in serious need of reform. And reform means from top-to-bottom. The entire media apparatus is corrupt and filled with incompetents who are basically paid to do nothing but prepare and read off scripts. There's nothing in the Establishment Media that has a shred of credibility or journalistic dignity left. Even President Trump prefers to go directly to the people via social media. 

        We recently heard about sports promoter Vince McMahon's project to build a competing league to the NFL. This is the kind of thing we need with the Corporate Media. Maybe some venture capitalists can build another news network? We can only hope. 


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