Monday, February 12, 2018


     President Trump's daughter-in-law Vanessa was hospitalized this morning along with two other unidentified persons after exposure to a suspicious substance which was mailed to her home. The letter was addressed to her husband, Donald Trump Jr. According to the US Secret Service, laboratory results have proven that the substance itself was simple cornstarch. But the effects of this action were not. 

    The incident caused derisive hooting from the Corporate Media hyenas, along with some truly sick commentary on certain blogs and in social media. However things like cornstarch can be employed as a carrier of deadly toxins. And, though the Media seems to have forgotten, another such packet was mailed to Eric Trump in 2016. 

      "I'm thankful that Vanessa and our children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary incident that occurred this morning." Donald Jr. said, "Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior."

       The FBI said that the incident was under investigation; however Trump's remark seems to indicate that they may have a particular suspect in mind. The fact also that the Corporate Media is already downplaying the story adds some impetus to that theory. Regardless of who or what was behind it, the whole incident brings to mind something that Pope Francis said recently about American being too politicized. When people are guided by the notion that the personal is political then a political leader's family is considered a legitimate target of attack. 

      Mrs. Trump thanked federal and local authorities for their prompt action. And we should be thankful for them, too. Who knows when the next personal-is-political type may flip out and come after any one of us just as they did to the President's family.



  1. Well said. This was evil, but the response from some in the media, blogs, FB was pretty darn evil too.

    I tend to agree with Pope Francis about America being too politicized. Recently I read a quote from long ago about how when Christians put our faith in politics we tend to lose our power. That sums up a lot of things that I think are wrong with the Western side of faith right now. The so called "Christian" alt-right is an extreme example, they are trying to remake faith into a political movement that conforms with their ideologies, some of which are pretty vile. Our faith is actually supposed to remake us, we allow it to transform us, not the other way around.

    1. Yes---and one reason why our Founding Fathers separated Church and State was to keep this very thing from happening. Not so much to keep religion out of politics as to keep politics out of religion. One thing that did severe damage to European Christianity was WW1, where both Allies and Central Powers promoted themselves as fighting for Christian principles. The European churches haven't fully recovered from the spiritual damage that kind of politicizing caused, even now 100 years later.

      In America, religion has always been considered a personal matter; but when the 'personal is political' the church you belong to is assumed to make a political statement.