Friday, November 17, 2017


   While the Liberal Media and the Swamp RINOs have been busy accusing each other of behaving like heterosexuals, the US Department of Justice essentially stripped the entire Federal bureaucracy of its power to rule the American people by decree. 

     It's true, many will say, that the Bureaucracy never had the legal authority to do so anyway. That was exactly what Attorney-General Jeff Sessions said today when announcing the termination of the policy. 

      The repealed policy worked like this: Whenever a certain Law or Executive Order is enacted, it falls under the jurisdiction of a relevant Federal agency, which in turn issues Guidelines to the State and Local jurisdictions responsible for its implementation and enforcement. The last three administrations had the practice of adding de facto regulations by amending these guidelines "to evade required rule-making processes," in the words of the Attorney-General.

       Many, if not most, of the onerous and intrusive federal regulations imposed upon the American public during the last three decades were enacted in this way. Agencies regulating the environment, the energy sector, and the public schools were among the worst offenders. Although Sessions' policy is within the Department of Justice alone, it effectively strips all Federal agencies of this abuse of power since the DOJ is responsible for enforcing Federal regulations. 

       "Guidance Documents can be used to explain existing law, but they must not be used to change the law or impose new standards to determine compliance with the law." Sessions stated. "The Justice Department will not use Guidance Documents to circumvent the law and we will proactively work to rescind existing Guidance Documents that go too far... Effective immediately, Department components may not issue Guidance Documents that purport to create rights or obligations binding on persons or entities outside of the Executive Branch." 

        Yes! We have a government now that actually rescinds illegally-imposed regulations! That is some of the best news going into the Holiday Season in a long time. Certainly more deserving of headlines than salacious and titillating soft-core stories about so-and-so kissing or touching some female---as if men never did anything like this in all of human history. Women once knew that long, manicured fingernails and high-heeled shoes not only were pretty, but could be converted into weapons to deter creeps at a moment's notice. Watching girls use them on cads was a lot more fun than listening to them complain to the Press. 

          But not only does this new policy repeal regulations, it prohibits agencies from creating rights---that is, imposing unequal favoritism for special interests as part of the regulation (if not part of the original law). This was another widely-abused practice of the Deep State to impose Political Correctness or benefit vested financial interests. 

          Anybody still sorry that Hillary Clinton lost last November? Imagine another four years of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch-style administration at DOJ instead of Jeff Sessions. There are probably plenty of fired bureaucrats, jailed Obamacare fraudsters, fined financial crooks, imprisoned gang-leaders and drug-pushers who'd rather have had Hillary. But most of the rest of us hope that the Sessions Steamroller keeps running for a long time. 


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