Monday, November 6, 2017


     Once again, dozens of people were massacred in America---this time in a Baptist Church south of San Antonio. The Corporate Media, as usual, are disgracing themselves in the eyes of both our country and the world. It's better to pass over their vulgarity and stupidity and concentrate on what can be done positively.

       President Trump, who was visiting Japan today en route to an important summit in China remarked, "In dark times such as these, Americans do what they do best: we pull together; we join hands; we lock arms; and through the tears and through the sadness we stand strong." He went on to promise assistance from his administration---a hint that other organizations should be doing the same. 

        To the chagrin of the Radical Left, reports are leaking out that, not only was the shooter one of their number but that armed citizens intervened to stop the suspect before more victims were taken. One Johnnie Langendorff of Seguin, Texas was reportedly engaged in a gunfight with the attacker; chasing him off the church property. The suspect---a dishonorably discharged veteran of Obama's Air Force---was slain and his soul sent to Tartarus, allegedly at the hands of one of the citizenry. That deserves a round of applause. 

       Of course, the Media vipers are giving Langendorff only a tiny fraction of the attention they are lavishing on the suspect. And just as typically they are giving little or no attention to the victims or how to help them. Whenever Christians are killed, the Media always sympathizes with their killers: which should be expected when they work for people like Sally Quinn, a self-confessed Satanist. 

        What's known so far of Johnnie Langendorff shows to him to be a fairly typical 'Southern-boy' who told the press that "he felt that he had to do the right thing" by risking his life and pitting his skills against an adversary who was actually carrying a heavier weapon and wearing a bulletproof vest. This is the type of man upon whom the media should be focusing instead. 

        But heroism and doing the right thing isn't only about fighting off armed thugs. There are more than two dozen innocent dead and an unknown number of injured who---along with their families---need help and support. And as the President said, it is in these times of crisis that we show our strength. 


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