Thursday, November 30, 2017


   Sometimes a picture says it all. If anybody doubts that the NFL hasn't completely self-destructed, note the attendance in this photo from the Cowboys-Redskins game from November, 2008:

       And this one from tonight's game between the same two arch-rivals:

       It used to be that the Cowboys-Redskins games were sold out months in advance. Ticket scalpers used to snare well over $100 per ticket at this time of year. We're guessing from the looks of this picture that NFL ticket-scalping isn't especially profitable anymore. 

         What caused the change? Fans are sick and tired of the NFL's disgusting political correctness:

       Combined with their thuggery both on

And off of the field.

   The NFL leadership chose Trash Culture and Political Correctness over sportsmanship and fair play---now they find themselves increasingly marginalized. The centennial anniversary of the NFL's founding is only a few years away: they may not survive until then at this rate. 

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