Sunday, November 12, 2017


        The day prior to the holiday, the US Department of Justice announced that a Seattle-area banking contractor, Northwest Trustee Service was indicted for 28 violations of the Servicemen's Civil Relief Act. This is the second such indictment since Trump took office. 

         The SCRA was signed into law by the last President Bush, but rarely enforced under Obama. The law provides debt protection to active-duty servicemen by suspending or changing various processes related to collections. The last Federal suit won a judgment on behalf of 61 veterans whose vehicles were illegally seized under SCRA. Friday's indictment against Northwest involves illegally foreclosed homes. Under the law, if a serviceman takes out a mortgage and is subsequent called to active duty, the Financial Cartels are prohibited from foreclosure until 12 months after the end of deployment.

        "Our investigation revealed that Northwest Trustee Services repeatedly violated a law which is meant to insure that our troops do not have to fight a two-front war---one on behalf of all of us, and the other against illegal foreclosures." stated an FBI Financial Investigator.

         We learned last year from Wiki Leaks that both Obama and Hilary Clinton were little more than puppets of financial crooks like Goldman-Sachs and George Soros. Small wonder that they did very little to prevent these kinds of things from happening. 

           Northwest Trustee Services itself has a very shady reputation. One of the company's founders, attorney David Fennel was suspended for one year by the Washington State Bar for unethical practices. The company has been sued over a hundred times and---judging by what former employees have said on the Internet---maintains a work environment with low pay and high turnover. Nonetheless, numerous banks subcontract to this gang even though their dubiousness is hardly a great secret.

           If the indictment is successful, Northwest will be forced to compensate the veterans whose homes were stolen and pay federal fines of nearly a quarter-million dollars per offense. Hopefully, that will bankrupt this gang of scoundrels and prevent them from doing our country any further harm.





  1. I like reading this blog. It relays news stories that major media outlets don't.

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback! One of our goals is peel back the curtain on some of these kinds of issues.