Tuesday, November 7, 2017


     President Trump was in South Korea today en route to major summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping tomorrow. The Chinese are looking forward to the visit and have even opened the historic Old City for the President and his entourage to tour. 

      All throughout Asia though, the social media has been abuzz with stories and photos of Mrs. Trump and First Daughter Ivanka. Melania attended a special choir performance by Japanese schoolchildren yesterday. But Ivanka is quickly learning that she too has a global following among young women. In both Japan and South Korea, Ivanka was greeted by throngs of young females who admire her like a celebrity---even to the point where the stodgy Imperial Prime Minister Abe posed for some photo-ops with her. That, incidentally saw Abe's approval ratings spike somewhat among Japanese youth.

        If Ivanka was awed by her reception in Japan and Korea; she's really going to have an experience in China tomorrow where her popularity is "off the charts" even by the admission of the Politburo's official news service, The Global Times. An unofficial poll in the Chinese social media indicates that Ivanka is consistently ranking in the Top 5 of most popular non-Chinese celebrities and her name has been appearing among most common for newborn girls in Chinese hospitals throughout 2017. 

        The perverts and feminists in the US Corporate Media and Academia are beside themselves with frustration and rage. They are watching mostly two these two women---who are leading by example---undoing the social damage wrought by 3-4 decades of Radical Feminist imposition. In a world where young women have very little guidance, they are rallying around Melania and Ivanka who show them true femininity. 

        We have been failing young girls in our culture, though not to the extent as young boys. Whereas young boys have had their masculinity contained; young girls are not provided with any boundaries. The Feminists expect women to deny their gender roles and try to impose on them roles for which women are not at all suited. The result of this can be seen in CDC reports showing that American women are world's largest consumers of antidepressants; as well as high rates of obesity, suicide, and other self-destructive behaviors. What they've lacked are positive female role models,

            The US has been a global leader in culture since the late 19th Century, but our influence has declined radically since the 1990s. Most other civilized nations despise the kind of Cultural Marxism we've been producing---and many have rejected it with contempt. Melania and Ivanka represent in foreign minds the traditionally high quality of American women. This is why they are so popular abroad; they represent a popular cultural shift which other peoples desire to emulate. 

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