Tuesday, April 10, 2018


    Once again the situation is heating up in the Middle East. Despite evidence proving that the Syrian Government was not behind an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, RINO Nikki Haley and the Pax Americana crowd began pushing for military 'retaliation.' 

     French President Macron has also been gulled by the Soros-funded White Helmets and the Al-Qaeda funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Macron seems to be leaning on Trump for moral support and egging him on to attack at the same time. Macron, it should be noted, has an ulterior motive here. During his presidential campaign, he brought back a Bushism: "I am not a wimp." Then, with ISIS nearing collapse he safely promised to attack Syria if chemical weapons were used. Now Macron---an inexperienced leader---thinks that he has to save face by doing something.

      The problem though is twofold. First, Syria didn't deploy chemical weapons and Syria is allied with Russia, China, and Iran who would be especially displeased with France. And France is economically tied to all three countries. 

        The second problem is that military experts are questioning whether or not France actually has the military capability anymore to launch an operation like that unilaterally. The French Military isn't what it used to be in the days of Beau Geste. In other words, Macron needs Trump for cover. Even if he pulls this off, it won't succeed for him politically in France because everybody will see that France is a paper tiger. And it won't help Trump politically either; because he would essentially be doing what his political opponents favor him doing. 

         Don't do it, Mr. President. Who really wants 'regime change' in Syria? The crooks at the DNC; EU bureaucrats; shady contractors who'd profit from rebuilding the country; ISIS and Al-Qaeda; George Soros; international drug traffickers and white-slavers; and the Corporate Media. Are these the people whom Trump and Macron want in their teams?

         As Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said: "If you have made a decision to carry out an illegal military endeavor, we hope that you will come to your senses. You will bear the responsibility of it yourselves."



  1. I was disappointed with the president's response in Syria too. Paul Joseph Watson made a good YouTube video about it. Do a search and check it out...

    1. Especially too, because during the campaign he was against Obama's intervention in Syria. I'll check out the Watson video---'Syrian Girl Partisan' has a good video up on Youtube also.

    2. Yeah, I know a lot of people are disappointed that Trump is doing exactly what hillary would have done over there...