Saturday, April 14, 2018


      So the President has done what we'd hoped that he would not do: joined the NATO butchers in an attack against Syria to bolster the sagging fortunes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. There was hope that after Tillerson and McMaster were disgraced, that we'd see a shift away from Deep-State Foreign Policy. It didn't happen.

     The attacks were launched by Mattis' gay-friendly naval fleet and by US forces illegally still in Syria at the occupied Al-Tanf base. Over 100 missiles were launched against Damascus and other civilian targets in a cowardly, sneak attack just before dawn, local time. 

     Allied news sources claim that most of these missiles were shot by Syrian Air Defense, who did a remarkable job. The NATO cowards prudently by-passed Russian-manned Air Defense systems. The Syrians took out billions in US weaponry with Soviet-made equipment. Generation Snowflake flops again...I suppose that this is predictable when your Defense Secretary publicly admits that he had no proof of a chemical attack; but feels like one really happened.

      But that good news aside, we haven't any preliminary figures on how many were murdered by our government and its confederates in tonight's attack. The citizens of Damascus itself took to the streets in several demonstrations supporting President Assad and congratulating Syrian soldiers. Despite whatever propaganda we'll hear from the Corporate Media, here are some scenes from Damascus this morning illustrating just how successful the NATO assassins were at turning public opinion against Assad:

        President Bashir Assad and his family were unharmed. President Assad even appeared at the Presidential Palace this morning; and urged his country to remain steadfast and thanked the Syrian people for their patriotism. 

          This mission overall seems quite clearly to have been a failure. The larger question now is what repercussions this attack will have on the US globally. The Trump Administration has, sadly, put us in a bad spot. This is the result of listening to the 'Pax Americana'/ Might-Makes-Right Crowd who think that the only diplomacy the US really needs is the ability to bomb anyone into submission. Now we look even weaker than before: both morally and militarily. 

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