Saturday, April 28, 2018


      Dr. Rookh Kshatriya---one of the early intellectuals of the Manosphere, and one of the few in that community who still writes anything worth reading---has also written a piece analyzing events in Toronto. For those not familiar with Dr. Kshatriya's writings, he has postulated a theory that Anglo-American culture has become more sexually repressive since the advent of Radical Feminism despite outward appearances. The so-called Cultural Elites, to maintain this illusion, promote what he calls a Sexual False Consciousness. 

     Sexual False Consciousness may be briefly explained as the difference between how the media portrays the average person's sexual/romantic lives against what happens in reality. 

     "In the wake of Minassian's foolish deed, almost every Anglosphere news outlet has been asking 'What is an INCEL' as if INCELs constituted only a tiny minority! In reality about one-third of people under 30 in the United States are involuntarily celibate, according to the US Center for Disease Control."

      Yes, this is true. And it also illustrates the number of men vulnerable to radicalization is very high. This, by the way, is exactly why we've said that censorship will fail. 

       It's a biological and sociological fact that sexually deprived men become more aggressive. It the days before Cultural Marxism took over America, society channeled that aggression into constructive pursuits. Thus we had all-male venues like the military, team sports, commerce, politics, and other professions. But our postmodern dystopia not only represses men sexually; it also closes avenues of achievement to them by subordinating them to women and homosexuals. Then, to make it worse; the media taunts them by treating them as 'losers' if they aren't having regular sex. 

    As evidence of this, notice that the American males of 'Generation Snowflake' are simultaneously the most pampered and the most ruthlessly violent men in our history. They run to Safe Spaces at the slightest affront; but think nothing of slaughtering dozens of innocents in schools, churches, or concerts. 

     As a medical professional, Dr. Kshatriya understands what social engineers don't: that gender differences are fixed and that they cannot be legislated out of existence. Laws need to be reformed and reconstructed along those lines. 

    And here the good doctor puts his finger on the root of the problem: "Media-induced Sexual False Consciousness is rampant in our society...Everyone has to keep silent while the naked emperor of sexual liberation walks abroad, pretending that they too are banging models every night. Of course almost no one is; but none can break ranks to discuss openly the frigid hostility of most Anglo-American females for fear of ridicule and ostracism."

     As a doctor, Kshatriya knows that the first step to effecting a cure is admitting that a problem really exists. That's as true of social diseases as it is of physical ones. 

      Since the Election of 2016, we have a window of opportunity to address these problems. Trump has shown us that the Corporate Media is built upon a tissue of lies spun by ignoramuses and degenerates---and can be ignored with impunity. He's also shown us that Political Correctness is a paper tiger and men can push back against it. What Dr. Kshatriya calls "the fear of ridicule and ostracism" must be overcome if we want to put a permanent stop to this whole 'Gender War' nonsense. And that nonsense is being pushed both by the Feminist Left and the Red Pill Alt-RINO Right. 



  1. Well said. I too observe a really sexually repressed modern society. In the US sex in your face 24/7, but we are more repressed and confused then ever. Envy, comparison, is a huge problem too. Advertising, social media, all create this false narrative of perfection and glamor were supposedly everyone is rich, powerful, gorgeous...except for us.

    1. Yes, and also that everyone else is having regular sex... except for us. This has been made even worse since the 1990s when the Left began pushing 'sexual harassment' and other forms of gender segregation. Schools, workplaces, etc.are places where everyone is in close contact with the opposite sex but face punishment for acting on those desires. Back then, critics warned of a 'chilling effect' and it's come true.

      These types of policies reinforce the resentment and hostility these INCEL men feel. First they think that they alone aren't enjoying sex, then they feel keenly the social sexual repression. It creates the impression that society is working against them. Men have a natural fear of insignificance and a man can turn violent very quickly when he feels trapped by it.

  2. By presenting people (men) with extremely incorrect views of women, the media are in fact promoting feelings of alienation in men.

    They really need to stop.