Saturday, April 7, 2018


      Stephen Colbert, one of the most vile (and consequently the most idolized by Liberals) characters in the Corporate Media is in the middle of controversy again. Colbert televised some Easter Special where he lampooned President Trump and Vice-President Pence laughing over Christians and the Easter Holiday while secretly being recorded. 

       There are two types of genuinely sick people out there. One is Colbert and the media scum who produce this trash; the other are the audiences who think it actually humorous or socially redeeming. Because the dialogue in this skit was really nothing more than a slough of gutter-level blasphemies and insults. We're not even going to bother repeating them here, though interested readers can read about it in more graphic detail at Breitbart News.

        To give an example of what kind of person Colbert is, consider the story about his sister's unsuccessful campaign for public office. Despite being a widely-admired celebrity on the Left with a net worth of around $50 million, Colbert wouldn't even visit campaign rallies for his own sister until the DNC agreed to pay his speaking fees and travel costs including lodging and meals. 

        But Stephen Colbert is pretty much a lost cause anyway. The man should have had psychiatric help years ago. What's really interesting about this story is the way that Leftists typically react to holidays. 

        Holidays serve an important social purpose. The basic root of holidays is a time for all to come together and reflect on a common good. Some like Christmas and Easter are religiously themed. Others like Thanksgiving and New Years are to take stock of where we are and where we're going. Some like Independence Day and Columbus Day are commemorating historically significant events. Some informal ones like St. Valentine's Day and Mother's day are to appreciate special people in our lives. 

         But the Left seems to harbor an intense dislike for these kinds of days. The reason for this is that, despite their babble about 'inclusion', Leftist philosophies are in general very narcissistic and egocentric. And there's also a large dose of envy thrown into the mix. Leftists are chronically miserable malcontents, so naturally they resent seeing others celebrating. And thus they try to disrupt these events by every means possible: from trying to force St. Patrick's Day parades to accept perverts to tearing down public Nativity Scenes at Christmas. If one person (or interest group) is displeased or 'offended' then everyone else should be too, according to illogical Leftist reasoning.

          As Conservatives, we need to take back our holidays. We can elect officials who won't cave in to interest groups. The President has already set the example at the federal level. The other thing that we can do is ignore the Media. A generation ago, 'comedians' like Colbert would have (at best) maybe become carnival barkers or masters of ceremonies at cheap strip clubs. We need to see the holiday-disrupters for what they are; and ignore them accordingly.


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