Wednesday, April 4, 2018


     It's another refreshing change; that is to have a President who realizes that the first word in the term 'Defense Department' actually means defending the actual United States. Today, Trump ordered the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security to begin deploying National Guard units to the Southern Border. Hopefully, the Northern Border will be next. 

      The Whacko Left wing and their parrots in the Corporate Media have gone completely ballistic over this move. But it's long overdue. The US Border Patrol and ICE are riddled with corruption and inefficiency. The Military should have been doing this job all along. About a decade ago, the Bush Administration briefly experimented with such a program. In just one month, the Military stopped an estimated 175,000 people from illegally entering the country. They also rescued over 100 people who were victims of kidnapping and human trafficking; and seized more than 150 tons of narcotics. Pressure from the Democrats and RINOs caused Bush to abandon the program.

       The Bush Administration accomplished that with only 6,000 troops: about the size of a combat brigade. The cost to taxpayers was far less than it costs to maintain the massive ICE bureaucracy.

       But the Trump Administration isn't going to replace the bureaucracy; at least not yet. According to The Military Times, the troops are going in a support role. In the Bush deployment, soldiers conducted aerial surveillance and helped coordinate response times. In Texas, the National Guard has been deployed since 2014. Arizona and New Mexico also welcomed the decision. But California could be a problem.

        California Governor Jerry Brown hasn't issued an official position, but is under tremendous pressure not to cooperate with the other states. Kevin DeLeon, author of the California Sanctuary Bill and candidate for US Senate, huffed to the Press: "Despite Mr. Trump's rantings there is no evidence of an imminent influx of asylum seekers here in California or elsewhere. In fact, border crossings have plummeted to the lowest level since 1971!" And Arizona Congressman Raoul Grijalva frothed that this is "the latest chapter in Trump's Reign of Terror meant to wreak havoc on immigrants and members of border communities!"

        Generally, whenever we hear the Left using such language, that's an excellent bellwether to judge that Trump is doing something right. And despite their opposition to Trump's and Bush's deployments, they had nothing to say when Obama sent troops to the Border in 2010.

          And Arizona Governor Ducey probably came closest to the truth. "Anything we can do to enhance security and to go after the cartels who are smuggling drugs into the country and putting people at risk---we absolutely want to see that happen."

           That's something that the Democratic Party leadership seems never to want to see happen. They opposed Allied intervention against narcotic and human smuggling from ISIS. They opposed Chinese intervention against the same things in the South China Sea and in Southeast Asia. They oppose Trump crushing the MS-13 gang---which makes its living off smuggling. Now they oppose his efforts to stop it on the Southern Border. 

             I think that we can draw our own conclusions as to why they would oppose these things. Organized Crime and the Deep State aren't so radically different. 


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