Wednesday, April 25, 2018


      So it's happened yet again: one of the Red Pill disciples went berserk and hoped to impress his leaders by committing mass-murder. Alec Minassian by his own admission is part of the INCEL sect of the Manosphere. He was inspired by the murders committed by Eliot Roger in 2014---who also was a believer in INCEL.

       The INCELs are somewhat similar to the MGTOWs of the Manosphere. The difference is that MGTOWs have no desire to have relationships with women; INCELs do have the desire but can't/won't act up on it. The term is a portmanteau of involuntarily celibate. Now most of us men are in this state from time to time, but INCELs consider this a permanent condition. The founders of the movement were reacting to a real social problem; the disparity in male to female ratios giving a lack of sexual opportunity. What they advocated were changes in laws---most of them quite sensible---to address the issue. Things like making fiancee visas easier to get, relaxing AOC laws, repealing many of the Clinton Era's politically-correct gender rules, etc. 

       But like the rest of the Manosphere, the INCELs became extremely radicalized. The sorts of men it came to attract were the lowest of social, political, and sexual misfits. These are the types of guys who wouldn't have success with women (or much of anything else) regardless of social conditions. Even under pagan tribalism, few fathers likely would even consent to sell their daughters to cretins like these. On their websites they hold Eliot Roger up as a hero and celebrate the anniversary of the Isla Vista killings. Men like these are losers no matter how you slice it. 

       One of the writers at  called 'BlkPllPres' was giddy with excitement over the attacks and bragged that Minassian had probably read his article published on March 18th. It's worth reading because it illustrates perfectly the mentality of these fools:

        "I think that mass shootings are too pointless anyway. I want to see some mass food poisoning deaths, maybe a bomb or two, or hopefully somebody just uses a f----g truck to ram down roasties* {*a vulgar neologism invented by the Red Pill Cultists as a slur against women} at a school parade or something...The one I can't wait for, the one that will really punish normies* {*another bit of Red Pill parlance; 'normies' are normal men who have normal relationships with women---unlike these 'enlightened' ones who know better) and really punish society is when the first INCEL mass/serial rapes start occurring; when a guy leaves a manifesto just before killing himself admitting to all the rapes he's done. The will be the best ER* ever. {ER is their shorthand for 'Eliot Roger'; used to describe any terroristic act committed on behalf of their ideology}.

     This goes on to explain why raping-sprees are so wonderful: "Because after the act, his victims don't just 'get to die' and their families 'move on.' These women will be traumatized and some might even kill themselves...their families will have to endure the shame that comes with this, the women will have to relive this every day and spend months or years in therapy sessions. Not to mention that we will be spamming the rapist's image and memeing him into an immortal internet presence like we have with Eliot Roger. They won't ever be able to forget; society won't be able to forget: and it is at that moment that normies will truly fear us." 

      Well---no: I doubt seriously that any normal, red-blooded man is going to cower in fear other men who go around raping defenseless women for sport. I think that, if this happened in reality, the INCELs would likely be hunted down by packs of vigilantes and the authorities would likely look the other way at such reprisals. 

       That aside, though, there's nothing in the above quote that's materially different from what the propagandists for ISIS and other Wahhabi cults write of their own strategies. Since we began this blog we have made it clear that one of Civilization's greatest threats are radical cults. Just like Wahhabism is not a religion but a cult; so the Red Pill is not a philosophy but a cult. And Canada---our neighbor to the north---has seen the bloody results of both cults when drawn to their logical conclusions. 

       How Canada will react is unknown; that country's commitment to free speech is not nearly as rigid as ours. And censorship is not the answer anyway. Our society needs leaders-----especially community leaders like pastors, bishops, local politicians, and local media figures to give the weight of their authority speaking out against the dangers of radicalization. And frankly men, collectively, need to do a better job of self-policing like our fathers and grandfathers did. When we start seeing young men in our circles drifting into radicalism---talk it out with them. A lot of these guys are in this spot because they lacked male mentoring. The Red Pill leaders---like ISIS---offers them respect and the opportunity 'to be somebody'. But these vulnerable men are so blinded at the prospects that they don't see the price tag attached. That's what mature men can show them. 



  1. Sad. That's really my biggest fear, broken, wounded men being radicalized into the red pill and driven to commit domestic terrorism. It's one of those unfortunate things that you can predict is going to happen at some point, but you can't stop it.

    The whole idea of INCELs is really evil because it exploits biological sexual frustration in order to fuel rejection, resentment, and feelings of persecution,which then makes men much easier to manipulate.

    Recently I watched an interesting video about polygamous societies and violence and civil unrest. Those guys really are involuntarily celibate and usually too poor to ever have a wife. There's a movement afoot in some of those countries to eliminate polygamy for that very reason. It tends to kill hope and breed violence. This here however, is the Western world, and as difficult as life can be sometimes, the INCEL crowd is being sold a false perception, being exploited and played.

    Minassian is totally responsible for his own behavior, but those red pills cheering him on, brainwashing him, bear some kind of moral responsibility too.

    1. Thank you...I wrote a little more about moral responsibility in today's follow-up article. You're right about the polygamous societies. A British writer on Men's Issues said that Arab polygamy was one of the reasons for the rise of ISIS. As you remember, ISIS priests allowed rape and forcible taking of women in occupied territory. This same writer also pointed out that many INCEL European men converted to Wahhabism and joined ISIS for the same reason. I think there's some truth to that.