Monday, April 10, 2017


      Reports from South Korea have verified that China has deployed an entire Army Group to the Sino-North Korean border. The Chinese Foreign Minister also travelled to Seoul to meet with high-level officials; the purpose of these maneuvers is unknown. The Chinese Government and Media is being especially guarded concerning their objectives or activities.

        This weekend, however, Neocons Tillerson and McMaster sent the USS Vinson battle-group to the Korean Coast. The Corporate Media and the Deep State are salivating at the prospects of an attack on North Korea.

         As we've pointed out here many times, the Moonie Cult has spread most of the fake news about North Korea. The Cult teaches that war and unification must occur in Korea before their false Kingdom of God on Earth supposedly appears. The Neocons are deeply allied with the Moonies and have been for years.

          In the 1970s, Moonie intrigues in the South Korean and American governments reached such levels that a Congressional Investigation was opened against them. In 1978, a report was issued, detailing the Moonies' crimes against the US. President Reagan---the last president who understood the dangers of cults---imprisoned the Reverend Moon. Moon was later released by his confederate, Bush, and his cult formally recognized by the Clintons.

          The Chinese Government understands what the average American does not: that the whole Korean Crisis is a fraud from beginning to end. It's been fabricated to serve the interests of the Deep State and their confederates on Wall Street, of which the Moonie Cult is an integral part. Simply observe what the Moonies admit themselves:

          The Universal Peace Federation is a Moonie front which is represented at the United Nations and advises the UN Economic and Social Council (UNESC); UN Commission on Sustainable Development; UN Division for Palestinian Rights; and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Anybody wonder about where all those UN resolutions against North Korea originate? Incidentally, the Wahhabi-run government of Saudi Arabia is main financier of the UPF.

            The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations another Moonie front that includes major non-profit organizations. Like those run by George Soros, for example. Soros and Moonie leaders, incidentally, are barred from entry into both China and North Korea as undesirable aliens. Soros is wanted by Chinese authorities in relation to a currency-manipulation scandal that briefly caused a depression in the Yuan.

            The Washington Times, United Press International, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, The International Business Times, Radio Free Asia, and much of the South Korean Media such as Joon Ang News is under Moonie influence. All of these fake-news outlets, of course, want 'regime change' in North Korea.

              It's well-known and documented that both the Bush and Clinton families had close relations with the Moonie leadership. The Women's Federation for World Peace, a rabidly anti-China Moonie front-group, had both George Bush and Dan Quayle among its supporters. The WFWP has a number of Taiwanese politicians among its leaders. The Moonies also own the Tongil Group, a multi-billion dollar international corporation which is a defense contractor for the US, South Korea, and Japan.

              So is the current government of North Korea worse than what would replace it? South Korea is no bastion of freedom and high democratic standards itself. The Moonies, the Neocons, and Soros-funded NGOs all have their larcenous eyes on Korea; as does the resurgent Japanese Empire which ruled Korea from 1910-1945 and still considers it lost territory.

               China is preparing to stand up to these groups. We need Trump to start standing up to them too.


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