Friday, April 28, 2017


     Following a rocky month in foreign policy, President Trump signaled yesterday that he is taking a more direct hand in US Foreign Policy. Trump met with the President of Argentina at the White House, snubbing Rex Tillerson. In fact, Trump finally replaced the pusillanimous Obama-appointed State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, with former Fox News personality Heather Nauert. This move put Tillerson on notice that the State Department needs to start replacing Obama appointees, a long-overdue necessity.

     Tillerson also got rebuffed when the Trump budget proposed massive cuts to USAID. A Congressional Inquiry found that taxpayer money was being funneled through USAID to fund various Soros front-groups; one of which is again fomenting political violence in Macedonia. 'Rainbow Rex' stonewalled the investigation---and even defended Soros against the Hungarian Government's efforts to proscribe him---this was evidently too much for Trump.

      President Trump also directed Tillerson to crack down on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's repeated breaches of diplomatic protocol. Haley has put under a gag-order: strictly forbidden to speak on Foreign Policy unless cleared by the White House. Haley has been causing complaints from the United Nations because she frequently spouts her personal opinions in place of national policy. Most recently she has advocated regime change in Syria and North Korea---policies which Trump had to disavow. Haley has also been repeating fake news on the UN floor, including the absurd stories about homosexual death-camps being set up in Chechnya.

      Recall that Nikki Haley is the same politician who responded to a church-shooting by leading a nationwide ban on Confederate flags. She has a definite proclivity to hysterical reactions to tin-foil-hat urban legends: witness her behavior after the staged Syrian chemical weapons attack.

     Meanwhile, the meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri was a success; although the glamorous First Ladies of both countries generated almost as much international commentary as the meeting itself. Melania Trump is definitely bringing a much-needed revival to the Washington social scene and the evening's dinner was widely discussed favorably in the South American Media.

      For his part, Presidents Trump and Macri discussed the deteriorating situation in Venezuela along with bilateral trade issues and reportedly reached a consensus on a joint effort to fight international cocaine traffic.

      Macri noted that US-Argentine relations have improved dramatically since the Obama Administration.


  1. Let's hope he is moving things in the right direction. He's been talking out of both sides of his mouth lately, and Tillerson and Haley are definitely problems. My enthusiasm has certainly dampened in recent weeks but still hoping for the best. I would love to know what's really going on with Bannon.

    1. Things are looking up. Trump just forced Tillerson to make personnel changes and it looks like he's punted the North Korean problem into China's hands. This morning he gave the Saudis a scolding and a fat bill for expenses they owe us for defense. When Trump acts on his own, he seems to do well, but when he trusts advisers, not so much.

      I really have few complaints with Trump's domestic policies so far, but foreign and military policies really need some re-thinking.