Saturday, April 15, 2017


   The Corporate Media and other denizens of the Deep State never tire of ridiculing religious faith, except when the cults that they support---like the Moonies and the Wahhabis---instigate or commit some act of politically-correct violence. Here in the Prozac Nation, we're accustomed to pundits on both the Far Left and Far Right suggesting that political issues are best solved by extirpating one's opponents. Thus we've already seen during Holy Week mass-shootings in San Bernardino, Atlanta, and Tucson.

    Though there is some positive news: a Wisconsin Anarchist who threatened attacks on churches this Easter has been caught after a 10-day manhunt. Good thing we're not a Third-World country like Egypt, where churches get blown up at, we're exceptional. People like Joseph Jakobowski and Dylann Roof notwithstanding.

     Over the last few decades of rampant narcotic-abuse and fake-news, these violent political impulses have seeped into foreign policy. George Bush Senior---one of the architects of the Deep State---learned that by dumbing-down schools and playing the press, pipsqueak dictators like Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein could be portrayed as serious threats to the United States. War could sold and packaged like fake spectator-sports which the Ameroboob could watch on his big-screen while smoking pot and eating popcorn. Haiti, Serbia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Syria---all of these with their comic-book crazed super-villain leaders waiting for the heroic Americans to liberate them---was cheaper for the Media than producing actually good fiction.

      The Corporate Media also found that not only does war sell, but domestic violence does too. Recently, the Jodi Arias Case was more important to the national interest than say, upgrading our collapsing infrastructure. They also learned that by making psychotic mass-killers famous, they could spawn copy-cat killings and cash in on even more violence.

        So in the spirit of the season, an interesting story came out today from the Cincinnati Metro Area: another hotbed of drug-addiction and violence. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones has advocated deploying the MOAB on Mexico.

        "I've been saying this for 10 years." Jones tweeted, "Enough is enough! This MOAB can be used on Mexican drug cartels. These are good days ahead."

        Now, wouldn't Jesus be proud? It interesting to note this Easter that the same Roman Empire who crucified Christ was eventually converted to Christianity---and not by dropping mega-bombs. Mexico might actually appreciate the US a little more if the Deep State would stop arming and funding these drug cartels; if the US actually started doing something about our addiction rates that create economic demands for these cartels; if we gave the Mexican Army and police some practical assistance on defeating these gangs---and maybe---just maybe---instituting some fair trade practices that help mutually boost our economies; then we'd likely see more long-benefit than dropping MOABs on Mexican cities.

       Of course, the Christian thing to do is lost on Neocon pinheads like Sheriff Jones. Pope Francis actually visited a jail recently and performed the Easter ritual of foot-washing on some prisoners. No doubt the smart boys like Sheriff Jones are smirking and consider Francis a chump; even though the Pope was emulating Christ's example. Francis was illustrating the truth that no matter what sins one has committed; or what one's situation in life is, one is never beyond the reach of God in prayer. "His Hand is stretched out still" as the prophets say; but our postmodern Moabites need human sacrifices for the new Molochs. 

        It wouldn't hurt most of our own Elites to open a Bible occasionally and realize that the ancient Moabites came to a rather bad end; while the Prince of Peace was born just across their border. But try and explain this to the Ameroboob---too caught up in his own hubris to believe he's anything but some version of God's Chosen People,  and you're struck with immediate outrage on MOAB-levels.


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