Saturday, April 1, 2017


     While the Ameroboob Media has busy for the last few days snooping around for dirt on Jared and Ivanka, the Chinese have been focusing on the first meeting between Presidents Trump and Xi at the former's Mar-a-Lago Estate this week. Xi made the announcement that he will be in Florida on Thursday following a state visit to Finland.

      Most Chinese are favorably disposed to Trump; mostly because they despised Obama. China has a great respect for Trump because of his business acumen.

      "Trump has a transactional view of international relations, unlike his predecesors" analyst Ngeow Chow Bing told Xinhua News, "Trump is by nature more likely to accept China's proposal for a relationship featuring non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation. I think Trump will realize that a fundamentally stable and productive US-China relationship is in the interests of Washington."

      These sentiments have been echoed by Rex Tillerson himself; and this upcoming meeting in Mar-a-Lago may represent a genuine turning-point in US policy in the Pacific. Few Americans realize---thanks to Corporate Media obfuscation---just what an unmitigated disaster Obama's Asian Pivot really was. If China had been stronger militarily and better prepared, we may have lost our influence in the Pacific Rim altogether. The mistake that China made was underestimating how badly Obama would bungle US Foreign Policy; and they can't be blamed for that. Obama left a power-vacuum too big even for China to fill alone; and Xi is prudent enough to see that Sino-US power-sharing in the Pacific is beneficial to both countries.

      For his part, President Trump said on Thursday, that he anticipated meeting Xi for the first time; and stated that the Korean Peninsula, trade issues, and counter-terrorism and fighting international crime would be on the table for discussion. Notably absent are Obama's ridiculous demands about the South China Sea, the Uighars, or Chinese military developments.

       Very likely, though, given the interests and temperament of both presidents, trade policy will be the main focus of the first meeting. Trump has sought to correct the massive trade-deficit the US has with China and China desires greater access to American investment.

       The one thing that cannot be denied is that Liberal/Neocon policy with China has been a complete failure and that a new course is desperately needed. 



  1. Thank you for this beautiful, well written, positive piece. God Bless America! #MAGA

    1. You're welcome! People often forget that Obama had us on the brink of WW3 with China just about 9 months ago. This visit to Mar-a-Lago is great example of how things have changed for the better under Trump.