Saturday, April 29, 2017


     Vox Day, an American expat whose main occupation seems to be hiding behind a keyboard and inciting his followers to cause as many problems for American Conservatives as possible, had an article yesterday encouraging men to join extremist groups engaging in street violence at pro-Trump rallies.

      Many Conservatives have been drawn to the groups Vox praises, who allegedly appear at pro-Trump demonstrations to defend the constituency. Actually, these people are radicalized infiltrators who are there to commit violence (although the Antifa---who are just as radical---usually instigates it). The important point, though, is that these characters aren't there to support the President or his policies, but to draw attention to their extremist causes by creating a media circus.

      Kyle Chapman, a Red Pill 'masculinist' with a lengthy criminal record, is the commandant of a group called The Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights who is partnering with another gang, The Proud Boys, headed by foreign-born provocateur Gavin McInnes. They are appearing at pro-Trump rallies on a regular basis now and creating headlines---mostly negative ones that completely distract from the demonstrators' actual message.

      "Our emphasis will be on street activism, preparation, defense, and confrontation" Chapman boasted, "We will protect and defend our Right-Wing brethren when the police and government fail to do so. This organization is for those who possess the Warrior Spirit. The weak or timid need not apply."

       Chapman is known online in Red Pill circles as 'Based Stickman' and 'Alt Knight'. He is currently out of jail on six charges stemming from a confrontation in Berkeley last March. Chapman dindu nuffin' according to his defenders; and is being promoted as some kind of political prisoner---an image he cultivates. In reality, Chapman is no stranger to jail cells. In 1993, he was in prison for armed robbery; in 2001 he was convicted and imprisoned for Grand Larceny; and in 2008 for weapons charges---serious enough for a 63-month sentence.

        This is the guy Trump supporters want protecting them? Here's a tip: Demonstrators are free to hire their own security. They don't need---or should desire---street thugs of dubious ideology to assume the authority themselves. Especially not ones headed by career criminals and foreign agitators. And as we've often noted, most of The Red Pill Philosophy is rooted in sexual perversion and latent homosexuality. Terms like Based Stickman and Proud Boys are transparent indications of this group's inherent hatred of women, religion, and civilization which is grounded in their perverse attraction to 'Alpha' males. Certainly nobody you'd want around women or children.

         Like the case of Robert Fisher, Stickman is another clear-cut case of a Red Pill infiltrator of Conservative groups. Their goal has never been to work with Cuckservatives and Churchians as they call us. Their goal is to mainstream their radicalism. Vox Day, cited above, said the following in an article denouncing William F. Buckley as a corrupter of Conservatism:

        "I think that the old Conservatives would do well to call themselves 'Constitutionalists' because it's obvious that the current batch don't give a d--n about it. And neither do we of the Alt-Right, because it is obvious that the Constitution has not only failed, completely, by its own stated purpose but is being used to restrain the Right. The Alt-Right believes in only three things: Nationalism, Western Civilization, and Winning. Everything else is negotiable or a means to one of those three ends. We aren't Conservatives. We aren't philosophers. And we don't care about the Constitution, the Rights of Man, the Enlightenment, the Holocaust, or anything else with capital letters that gets in the way of our success." (June 9th, 2016).

         Vox' sentiments, and those of his fellow-parasites Chapman, McInnes, and Fisher are essentially the same. They are fanatics obsessed with destroying the existing social order and imposing upon us their warped interpretations of nationhood and civilization without regard to legal (Constitutional) or moral (Biblical) restraints.

        Conservatives should beware of being duped and expel these infiltrators from future demonstrations. And young men should beware: these fakes offering you fulfillment are wolves in sheep's clothing.




  1. Based Stickman is a convict?

    Looks like they're taking a page from the French Revolution (yeah, I know, ironic) about supporting criminals.

    And Vox, for someone who abhors being called a Nazi*, sure likes to crib tactics from their playbook a lot. What are the counter-rioters if not the 21st century American equivalent of the SA and SS?

    *Only being called one.

    1. Thank you. Yes, if it weren't for prison food, Stick-Boy would have starved to death long ago. He's been in and out jail all his adult life---as near as I can tell from the Court Records, he'd just gotten off probation when he was arrested at Berkeley.

      It doesn't do the Conservative cause any good to tolerate these chumps. They should either hire their own security or pressure local governments to enforce the law. In Alabama recently, the police screened demonstrators at one rally and confiscated masks and weapons and there was no violence from either side.