Saturday, April 29, 2017


   Another six months has passed, making it now one year since we launched this project. During the second period, we saw an increase in readership---especially abroad. We thank everyone who've joined and those who've stood with us during a wild and wooly period of change; both for the good and for bad.

     Every six months, we list the Top Ten most viewed posts of the period: our 'Readers' Choice'. As with the previous six months, exposure of the dangerous Red Pill Cult featured quite prominently. With the Election of President Trump, posts exposing threats from the Far Left were also widely read.

      As for the Red Pill Cult itself, this six-month period saw it pretty badly damaged. But there is still much to be done: and our civilization faces threats from all directions. With Trump's election, we are not only in a time of fighting off enemies, but helping to rebuild a society and encourage our friends.

       Our Top Ten countries, in terms of readership (for the last year inclusive) are in order: the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, France, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, and the Donbas Republics.

       And here are YOUR top-rated posts:

1. NH Politician Exposed as Red Pill Ringleader (April 25th). Published just four days ago, the story of Robert Fisher has gone viral. Fisher was the head of the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit and now a New Hampshire legislator. His duplicity in hiding his connections to the cult have led to demands for his resignation.

2. Red Pills Bite on Fake News (February 3rd). While not the most disastrous blow to the Red Pills, it was their most humiliating. Someone had circulated posters against dating white men in the Seattle Metro Area; and the Red Pills immediately declared it attempted genocide against Whites. The poster turned out to be a hoax.

 3. Melania and MAWGA (April 4th). Our glamorous First Lady had her official portrait completed. This post outlined how Melania has brought true femininity back to the White House.

   4. PUA Race-Baiting and Dylann Roof (January 10th). Another article that went viral about the radicalization of men and its consequences. The story led to calls for Christian leaders to speak out against the Red Pill Movement.

   5. The Manosphere's Repugnant Marriage Rules (March 11th). A Red Pill blogger named The Artisanal Toad composed a series outlining the Cult's version of 'Biblical Marriage'. This article exposed the gross and blasphemous nature of their beliefs.

   6. Democrats and the Diaper-Pin Revolution (November 14th). In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Election, frustrated Clinton supporters took to displaying diaper-pins on their clothes. Why, no one knows. Fortunately, this fashion accessory died out; and Melania and Ivanka Trump have been setting new fashion trends instead.

    7. Reply to Pastor Doug Wilson (January 14th). A controversial post that was related to #4. Reverend Wilson more or less declined to take any part against radicalism in the church.

     8. Pizzagate (November 27th). Does anybody even remember this? Between Election Day and Christmas, it was actually a hot topic. This story probably will become one of our most famous urban legends in the future.

     9. The APA and Trump Derangement Syndrome (February 20th). Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a psychosocial phenomenon that has arisen since the election. It is remarkable in that professionals---teachers, business and community leaders, media figures, etc.---have been known to go completely berserk in public; often at personal and public risk. It can be triggered by even the most peripheral reference to President Trump and strikes without warning. Psychologists themselves were risking their careers writing anti-Trump propaganda, and the APA was forced to issue a warning to this kind of malpractice.

   10. CDC: Drugs Kill More Americans than Guns (December 9th). A story completely covered up by the Corporate Media---official government numbers for 2016 revealed that more Americans die from opiate overdoses alone than from gunshot wounds. And 1/3 of those deaths are from prescription opioids.

      Thanks to all once again, and we look forward to another six months!


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