Saturday, April 8, 2017


    We don't always agree with talk-show host Michael Savage, but his April 7th (Friday) show was an excellent deconstruction of the lying motives behind the Syria attack. The podcast is available on Youtube.

     Savage has a background in medical science and debunked the myth forensically that Sarin gas was deployed and proved that it was impossible to determine responsibility in the short time between the gas attack and the missile strike. As Russian experts have demonstrated, the Pentagon plotted this strike long before Thursday night. The Neocon case against Assad falls apart by the hour.

     Now, Savage was one of the most aggressive supporters of Trump during the campaign and even wrote books favorable to Trump's agenda. But as he stated today, "The mark of a strong man is that he makes peace, not starts fights he can't finish." And it's true that America can't win a war in Asia; as evidenced by the fact that 3/5 of our Tomahawks missed their targets; and our Rainbow-Pride Navy fled the Levantine Coast in terror as soon as the Russian ships arrived. As a side note, last month Russia launched cruise missiles against ISIS positions and scored 100% on target.

      RINOs Lindsay Graham and John McCain have joined Hilary Clinton and the Corporate Media in applauding the attack on Syria, which speaks volumes. The Deep State---apparently led by Rex Tillerson, the character who gave us homosexual Boy Scout leaders---wants war with Russia, China, and Iran because these countries obstruct their criminal enterprises. Syrian President Assad knows this well himself. In an official statement today, Assad said, "Targeting an airbase in a sovereign state by the US is an outrageous act that clarifies conclusively what Syria has alleged from the beginning: that changes of administration in the US regime does not change the policies of the Deep State, which are manifested by targeting nations, subjugating peoples, and attempting to dominate the world."

      No wonder the Cultural Elites hate Assad: he understands their psychology and motivations. Likewise former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: "Soon after his victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon Trump's election promises would be broken by the existing power-machine. It took only 2 1/2 months."

       So why are so many other Conservatives suddenly siding with the Deep State? Because, superficially, Trump looks like a 'leader' by attacking Syria and by getting the Neocons and Liberal Media on his side. This is what many of Trump's GOP opponents actually feared: that Trump was only loosely committed to Conservative principles and would do whatever was expedient to gain approval-ratings. And if this means slaughtering innocent Syrians and throwing Russia under the bus, so be it.

       Encouraged by Trump's treachery in Syria, 'sources' within the gay-friendly Pentagon told the Corporate Media outlet Associated Press that potential Russian complicity in the Idlib gas-attack are being 'investigated'. Likewise, the fake-news outlet CNBC reported that 'sources' within the Treasury Department have informed them that Security Steve Mnuchin is considering further economic sanctions against Syria. Suddenly, the Administration is talking to the Corporate Media again.

      Incidentally, there were Leftist groups protesting the Syrian missile strike today too. Somehow, though, they didn't get the same media coverage that they usually get.

       Is this the shape of things to come, or can the Trump Administration recover from this tragic episode? We don't know: it depends on whatever Trump's motives actually were and at this point, we can't determine that. We can, however, speak out: and we must. If there are those within the Administration committed to change, they will listen and turn things back onto the right path.


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