Tuesday, April 11, 2017


     The gay-friendly Pentagon announced today that Tevin Long, a West Point cadet and Army football player, was jailed and expelled from the Academy. Long was convicted by Court-Martial of selling prescription Opioids and Amphetamines to fellow-cadets. Six other cadets are awaiting trial, according to Channel 12 in Hudson Valley, New York.

       And many Conservatives still think that the Pentagon isn't another swamp that needs drained.

        In December 2015, the politically-correct Obama Administration announced with great fanfare the appointment of West Point's first female 'commandant'. Scandals have been fairly common at West Point during recent years. Along with a number of rape cases, a recruiting scandal involving the Army football team, female 'cadets' photographed flashing gang signs, etc. This is the collection of scum who'll be leading our brave men and women in uniform into the next Neocon conflagration.

        And we can't expect much better quality personnel when we have recruiters themselves ending up in jail. And for doing things like committing sexual assaults on small children and hiring out as hit-men. 

         Maybe the Trump Administration would be a little better served if it concentrated on cleaning up our own armed forces before trying to clean up Syria or North Korea.

          Unfortunately, though, the American Military---like the public schools---is above any criticism in our postmodern political discourse. Wars are like sporting-events to the average doped-up Ameroboob. And that's why guys like Tevin Long symbolize everything wrong with our politically-correct Trash Culture.

           I know that if I lived in Syria or North Korea, I'd fight to keep exceptionalist people like this out of my country. Too bad our leaders (and populace) don't think like theirs.

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