Tuesday, April 4, 2017


    The Red Pill Cult, which poses as the true defender of Christian manhood, routinely launches attacks on traditional Christians. They claim that contemporary Christianity is weak and effeminate; and they alone preach and teach the truth.

     Sfcton, a neo-Confederate and another Red Pill convert extracted from the modern military, has written an article titled I'm Starting to Think Christianity is a Death Cult for Whites. His argument is the fairly standard anti-Church propaganda prevalent in the Manosphere: "We are in a literal war for our survival. All tribes always are at all times, yet Whites---especially the church-going sort, do basically nothing...I look around for church-going men to respect. Hard men, strong in their faith, willing to do the hard things, but all I see are cucks...Right now I can't think of too many men more useless during this current round of ugliness than churched men."

     Ton cites the exploits of ancient Hebrew warlords, whom he describes as "Hard men, zealous to kill the Lord's enemies, to take the other guys' land so that their tribe can grow and prosper...Eager for war against outsiders as an act of worship..." And to this novel interpretation of Old Testament history, he adds "Christ came not to bring peace but a sword."

     Well, the Apocalypse of St. John depicts Christ with a sword that comes from His mouth, signifying the power of God's Word. And some men---real men of the Church---employ this sword in that way.

      For example, Catholic News Agency reported recently the story of Bishop Salvador Rangel, head of Mexico's Chilpancingo Diocese. As we know, northern Mexico is in the grips of a battle between the Mexican Government and vicious drug cartels whom many believe are supported by the US 'Deep State'. Many of these cartels are headed by members of Satanic cults and have terrorized Christians and even killed priests.

      Bishop Rangel, through intermediaries, arranged a meeting with the leaders of the Guerrero State gang-leaders. "When I saw that priests were being threatened by them, I took upon myself the task of going to see the gang-leaders and talking to them." the Bishop told CNA.

      Now, does this sound like the actions of an effete coward? To walk boldly into the camp of the Church's avowed enemies and open dialogue with them?

       "As a Bishop, I must seek dialogue and peace." the Bishop informed the gang-leaders, "By killing priests, we will accomplish nothing and the situation in Guerrero can only deteriorate."

       The Bishop's mission had some effect, because threats against priests and churches have dropped off considerably since the meeting. The Bishop was also contacted by Mexican authorities, but informed them that "I am doing my pastoral work. I'm a bishop, not a prosecutor. I'm a simple instrument of dialogue, of reaching out because it's not my obligation to bring people in or to report on them. If they have opened up and been sincere with me, it is my duty to be loyal to them."

      Bishop Rangel, however, indicated that he was willing to act as an intermediary between the government and the gangs to bring peace to Guerrero.

       In Guerrero, the only people who are "eager to wage war as an act of worship" are the devil-worshipping commanders of drug cartels. And the real men of faith, "the church-going sort who do nothing" are calling out their evil deeds and liberating their people.

        Cults can only thrive in atmosphere of fear and ignorance, which is why they are defeated by the faithful every time. "Perfect love casts out fear" as the Apostle John also teaches. And likewise St. Paul, who taught us that the shedding of Christ's Blood forever negated the shedding of blood as an act of worship. Once again, the Red Pills prove themselves to be preaching the doctrines of demons, while the Church leadership proves itself virile and strong.

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