Saturday, March 28, 2020


   There can be no doubt that this week we've seen America at its worst. The mere image of a bunch of parasites hiding in their Safe Spaces, waiting greedily for government handouts while selling the products they've hoarded online at inflated prices is simply nauseating. At the same time this same bunch is busy flagging, banning, or shouting down any voices that might suggest any of this is wrong. 

   The Elites are just as bad. At the top of the heap are four US Senators who got caught in insider trading before the Stock Market took its recent tumble. From top to bottom, everyone seems to be getting their slice of the New American Dream---which looks quite a bit more like Brave New World than anything that the dead White males who founded and built the Nation proposed. The Corporate Media and their paid shills posing as scientists are having a heyday too. 

   One would think that if this COVID-19 pandemic is the major threat that the Elites all say it is, we would be putting money and resources into research and development of vaccine. But, no: instead we're surrendering our Rights and stuffing cash into Corporate Bailouts while reducing the Working Class to slavery. 


  Despite all of these disgraceful displays, good men are still rising up and bucking the 'New Normal.' One really has to dig through the media sludge to find them; but these stories are happening. Let's start with a late-breaking story from Auburn, Alabama.

   Nearly three days ago, 4 year-old Evelyn Sides was playing with the family dog when she wandered out of sight. Unable to find her, the police were called. Not concerned in the slightest with social distancing, local men who were experienced hunters and hikers joined the police and combed the forests for 48 straight hours until the little girl was found. The dog was standing guard over her according to the Lee County Sheriff; she was hungry and slightly dehydrated but unharmed. 

   Lately, we've had so much to say about the rotten eggs in Law Enforcement that it's good to be reminded that there are still some we can count on when the chips are down. Another who deserves at least partial credit for stopping a mass shooting in its tracks is Deputy Police Chief Scott Gray of Omaha. 

    We said 'partial credit' because Gray was joined in this adventure by local man named Tom Wenzl. Gray, while off-duty, stopped at the Hy-Vee Supermarket---which had largely been stripped by panic-buyers. One of the other shoppers suddenly lost his marbles, pulled a gun, and started shooting. Gray took cover, pulled his weapon, and ordered the suspect to drop his gun. The shooter turned to fire at Gray when Wenzl leapt out from behind cover and pulled the gunman down from behind. That move allowed Gray to close in, and the shooter was successfully captured. No one except the gunman was injured, though there was considerable property damage. According to McClatchy-Tribune News: 

   "Gray said the shooter didn’t say anything that revealed his motive or intentions. He said the only thing the shooter said in the struggle was to tell the shopper, “You ain’t no effing hero.”
Gray disagreed with that.
“With Tom jumping out like that, I mean, what he did was truly selfless and heroic,” Gray said. “You talk about a guy who has no weapon, it was just him, he’s just a guy that felt that something had to be done right then to stop this. The guy’s a hero in my mind, because he didn’t think about himself. He just went for it.”
 Gray himself was later cited for Bravery by the Omaha Police Department.

 The next story is from Sweden and proves that not all Big Businessmen are scumbags. Johan Andersson, Product Manager for IKEA Warehouses recently had an inventory taken and discovered a stockpile of over 50,000 surgical masks. They had been purchased by IKEA in 2008 during the Avian Flu Pandemic (which was also supposed to wipe us all out). 

  Instead of selling the masks at cutthroat prices, Andersson arranged with IKEA to donate the entire lot to the Sahlgrenska Hospital, which is the largest medical facility in Sweden. 

    “It feels great, in these times, when you read about so much unpleasantness with corona(virus) and all that, that we can show some solidarity." Andersson told the Corporate Media, "It think it’s important to do that."
   It's also important in these dark times that the men out there don't give up the fight. As the Biblical story goes, God spared even Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of a few righteous men. It's heroes like these who'll see us all through.  

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