Monday, March 23, 2020


    Due to America's National Panic Attack, all major sporting events have closed lest any player---who normally doesn't fear concussions and broken bones---might catch the flu. 

   The record set this weekend was set by myself. 😇 My timely commentary on the COVID-19 hysteria got me banned from three comments sections in an amazing two hours. The previous record was set during the homo 'marriage' debate when I was ejected from one forum a day for a whole week. 

  Not only are our Constitutional Rights being suspended with no debate or discussion: it seems that even protesting these infringements in public isn't wanted. Confronting people with facts when they're intent on burning everything to the ground is certainly a lot safer online. In our forefathers' times, running from lynch-mobs, stake-burnings, beatings and the pillories was more common.

  Some of the responses received to these banned and deleted posts were telling. Besides the usual accusations of being a troll or a Russian spy; there were several along the lines of "You are part of the problem!" and "We have to protect the children! (or the elderly!)" , etc. People are so gripped with fear that all they really want to hear is someone telling them what to do---and our politicians are most happy to oblige. 

   Here's a perspective from the government's own numbers about the mass-extinction event which has Americans afraid of their own shadows:

    Average Daily Fatalities in the US from the following causes:

   1. Heart Disease-----------------1,772
   2. Cancer-------------------------1,661
   3. Narcotics Overdoses---------   185
   4. Homicides---------------------  142
   5. Suicides------------------------    13
   6. COVID-19----------------------     5

   This is a national crisis? An exotic strain of the flu which experts say can be prevented by washing one's hands? State Governors (with no Legislative approval) are seizing powers not even assumed during the US Civil War because less than a half-dozen immune-compromised people succumb to this disease---about 40% fewer than who die from suicide. 

  Now actually I do favor governmental initiatives to fight heart disease, cancer, drug deaths, murders, and suicides. But that wouldn't lead to shredding the Constitution or lining the pockets of Corporate America. And emboldened by the American people's complete lack of any resistance, the political elites are going for even more power. Not content with taking the utterly illegal procedure of banning public assemblies like in schools, churches, and restaurants, they're now issuing orders for people to "shelter in place". As arch-RINO Governor Dewine of Ohio said, "bold measures must be taken." He issued an edict today demanding that all "non-essential" businesses close; and no one travel unless going to essential businesses. Among the exempted essentials are abortion clinics and marijuana dispensaries---church services are completely forbidden---with the reminder to practice social distancing. I'm uncertain how an abortionist can operate from two yards away: but Governor Dewine isn't the brightest in understanding how human sexuality actually functions. 

  Now Dewine has a personal net worth of around $30 million. He is heavily invested in the Stock Market. During his last term in the US Senate, Dewine received about $1 million in contributions from Big Pharma; and about $1/2 million from the Insurance Cartels. He also owns around $12 million in stock from Big Pharma and Agribusiness. So he is going to come out of any economic downturn just fine. And Ohioans can still buy legal pot; get stoned and forget that their Governor has suspended the 1st, 4th, and 10th Amendments as well as the Interstate Commerce, Bill of Attainder, and Impairment of Contract Clauses of the US Constitution. Dewine has also cancelled 'postponed' state elections indefinitely; making himself a de facto dictator. 

  But try to explain any of this to the average Ameroboob and he'll stop his ears and run screaming from the room. Maybe they should lay off the dope and start looking at a few facts instead.



  1. Off Topic.

    Have you encountered the news stories about US senators who sold truckloads of stocks back in February?

    I'm going to try to research it now.

    The accusation is that they knew the coronavirus was coming and was going to tank things.

    1. I've been looking into that story too. Tucker Carlson had a story about it on last Thursday or Friday's show.


  2. OMG. You're definitely IN FUEGO today, NW!! Mark Levin and Michael Savage have been harping on this very theme - the loss of our Constitutional rights and the Ameriboobs'(as rightly described above!) seemingly unquestioning compliance with the extreme measures ordered by too many idiot libtard governors! - for weeks now! As with the WuFlu, may this insanity and totally unnecessary PANIC come to an end ASAP!!

  3. People become very nasty when you challenge their coronavirus hysteria even politely. They call you names and spout absolute garbage about how many people have died and will die. Braindead morons and government shills commenting everywhere. 8 dead in Australia and we are under martial law with thousands lining up for unemployment benefits and small businesses forced to close and probably never reopen. Big businesses though are doing well with supermarket chains making a fortune. Don't dare question the jewflu.

  4. This is the people that defeated the British to form a new nation, and conquered a vast wilderness to expand it? This is the people who banded together to win a world war by producing ships, tanks, artillery and airplanes to outproduce the known world?

    We have become a nation peopled by adult infants cowering in our "safe spaces" bleating for daddy to "keep us safe." A people who panic at the drop of a hat and then do not have the good grace to become embarrassed when the cause of our panic turns out to be Chicken Little's falling sky. Pathetic.

  5. I may survive this virus, but all the virtue signaling is definitely going to kill me.

  6. Great Comments from everybody here...let's hope we get through this in one piece!