Wednesday, March 25, 2020


   During the Vietnam War, a singer named Tom Paxton had a protest song where he crooned: 
               "Lyndon Johnson told the nation,
                Have no fear of escalation,
                I am trying everyone to please!
                For tho' it isn't really war,
                We're sending 50,000 more,
                To help save Vietnam from the Vietnamese!

   Now fifty years later, these same Liberals are begging their Governors to send troops into American streets to save us Americans from the flu! I'm not exactly certain how companies of soldiers marching down the streets helps us to avoid crowds and practice social distancing, but if you ask questions like that, the full wrath of the community is liable to rise in righteous wrath. 

  Social media is today swooning with delight that Governors are activating the National Guard, while simultaneously denying that any of this amounts to Martial Law. Governors ruling by decree; imposing all kinds of restrictions on private citizens; turning soldiers loose on the public---does sound a bit like some of those vile dictators like Ho Chi Minh, whom we once sent soldiers to protect people from. 

  The NPCs are roaring from their well-stocked Safe Spaces that anyone who thinks that this is the excuse for a power-grab are Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists or Russian bots. Well, let's see...

   Dane County, Wisconsin---home to the state capitol---have not only suspended the Right of Assembly, Sheriff David Mahoney has established an online tip form where hysterical whackos can denounce their neighbors who might be holding prayer meetings, anti-government meetings, or family dinners. 

  Janel Heinrich, the director of Public Health Madison & Dane County said that people or businesses who do not follow the public health orders may face citations and/or imprisonment as a result. And, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway ominously noted that “This is going to be a long term thing,This is not something that is going to be over in a week or two.”

   RINO Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is putting the National Guard to good use by illegally detaining American citizens who come to his State. Doing this to illegal immigrants was always out of the question, but Florida has no problem basically arresting and imprisoning other Americans. A press statement reads:  "Anyone from New Jersey, New York or Connecticut flight is responsible for self-isolation, including paying for transportation, lodging, food and medical care. (This Order mandates a 14-day 'quarantine' regardless of whether one tests positive or not). Anyone who violates the order could face a misdemeanor charge."

   In addition to closing churches and libraries, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that gun shops "are nonessential businesses. We are trying to get them to close their doors. If they don’t close their doors, they will be cited, which could mean the loss of a business license."

  Los Angeles---and California generally---is not exactly the most gun-friendly place; thus the chance to suspend the 2nd Amendment was too big of a plum to resist. However, Governor Newsom doesn't mind guns in the hands of soldiers: he stated just this week that martial law could be invoked in California; though he soon clarified his statement (i.e. because he spoke too close to the truth). According to KSRO: "He says residents shouldn’t be alarmed if they see military vehicles, assuring residents the state is not under martial law. Newsom says the troops are needed to make up for a shrinking number of volunteers that usually help in food banks and other community services."

   That's a good one, Gavin. Thanks for the comic relief in an otherwise grim situation. 

   But the serious issue is that we're now into Week 3 of this so-called 'crisis' and we've gone from panic-buying to house arrest  Shelter-in-Place orders backed up at gunpoint. The Elites are smelling blood in the water---like a bunch of sharks---and already planning to carry on the orgy until September. Even now, they're talking of seizing factories; national travel restrictions; suspending 'postponing' elections; and, as we speak, debating a massive pork-barrel project in the US Senate which will push Liberal social engineering to maximum levels. It's sort of like the Elites' version of stockpiling toilet paper. 

  It's time though for the American people to put down the Prozac and the spreadsheets; and start pulling their heads out of their butts before they lose the whole country. I'm dreading Week 4 already. 




  1. The Nevada governor banned malaria drugs. I understand it's not good to hoard drugs, but why not just make it illegal to hoard them rather than illegality them...

  2. They are all just competing for political points with their tough man virtue signaling. Soon people will notice the death toll doesn't really match the fear mongering and all the politicians will go right into, "See, that's because we saved you! Who's your daddy now? Vote for us."