Wednesday, March 4, 2020


    Two posts ago, we spoke about a woman connected with Owen Benjamin's Bear Cult who's apparently gone missing. Under the sinister influence of Owen and some of his wicked followers, she made the mistake of marrying Nathaniel Slattery---one of the most vicious members of the Cult. According to some ex-Bears and Redditors, her maiden name is Ani Novshadian, which I'd incorrectly reported as Allison, or Alli. I was unable to find a Marriage Record in my research and she was referred to by another name some threads. I apologize for the confusion, but this is why we welcome input from former insiders. 

   At any rate, it's now been 10 weeks since Ani was last seen on a video. I scanned her husband's intolerably tedious vlogs going back to December and she doesn't even appear in the background. People across the Web have been raising questions as to her welfare and whereabouts---our article referenced above got circulated and now there's lots of discussions and speculation going on. Which is a good thing. Now, there have been a few random posts allegedly from Ani popping up in various places, but Nasty Nate has control of her social media accounts and denies her access to the Internet at his pleasure, by his own admission. 

   Now Nasty Nate easily could put all of these rumors and concerns to rest simply by having his wife appear with him in a podcast. But so far he hasn't. Instead, he seems to have gone into panic mode and started a flagging campaign against his critics on Youtube and elsewhere. I've noticed in many of his recent interviews and podcasts that he seems unusually nervous and makes references to Ani just out of thin air. Recently, he claimed that she had a miscarriage. I tend to doubt this, although as a long-time bachelor I'm a bit unfamiliar with feminine medical issues and want to do further research before commenting on that. 

 However, many women do read our blog, I would like to get some feedback from some ladies on Nasty Nate's demeanor when he announced the miscarriage. This took place on some Red Pill's podcast: at 4:19:00 in the video. This whole thing seemed really 'off' to me. 

 There is of course the possibility that Nasty Nate is telling the truth: but not only is truth-telling out of character for him, none of his references to his wife or family situation make any sense. Sometimes she's somewhere recuperating in bed; then posting that she's OK and saying 'hi' to everyone. Sometimes she's sick, and moments later somewhere making cookies or mixing drinks. Just two weeks ago, he was talking about restoring order in the household, and then suddenly all of this was occasioned by a miscarriage. Yet he said they attended a friend's wedding and were on cordial terms just a few days later. 

  All of the Internet speculation aside, I think there are three things that may have happened: 

  1.) Ani is still there, but she's been hurt in some way and Nate can't let her be seen.

  2.) She's run away from home and in hiding, and Nate doesn't want to admit it. 

  3.) She's deceased. 

  Personally, I favor the second explanation but the others aren't outside the realm of possibility by any means. We're not making any accusations here; however Nate's numerous comments justifying violence against women; his sick sexual and violent fantasies which he's openly discussed; and the fact that he believes that Owen Benjamin---another probable wife-abuser---is "Christ-like:" all of things merit at least an official welfare check. And Nate's behavior has been very suspicious: he admitted just yesterday that he had called the local sheriff telling them not to believe any false stories about him! What an idiot. Like a lot of other Red Pills, he throws red flags all over the place and doesn't think that anybody else notices. 

   POSTSCRIPT: Ipse Inquisitor announced yesterday that Part 2 of his documentary exposing the Vox Day/Owen Benjamin Cult is nearly complete. You can catch the 3-minute trailer here. It looks like it's going to be as big a hit as the last one. We'll keep everybody posted when it comes out. 




  1. I'm really grateful that there are men around who care enough to ask some hard questions about the well being of these women. Y'all are my heroes.

    It is sheer speculation on my part, just instinct, but Nasty Nate doesn't creep me out like Owen Benjamin does. Keep in mind I just don't have the stomach to listen to very much of him, either. I did watch several older videos of Ani, sing along bear, Nate's alleged wife, and nothing really alarmed me. She doesn't really appear hyper vigilant, fearful, or distracted. Now of course, those video are from months ago. As to Nasty Nate discussing the miscarriage, it doesn't sound too unusual. That's a fairly normal response from some guys, I think.

    Calling the cops and telling them not to believe any false stories about him is definitely a bit weird. Is he a paranoid narcissist, a complete dufus, or is he trying to get someone's attention? They should pay him a visit, ask to see his wife.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and feedback! Ipse Inquisitor is more of an investigative journalist type than I am, and he's looking into it. Plus, he has a larger following than I do. So I think that a welfare check might be forthcoming because things are starting to bubble here.

      In a lot of those earlier videos, they were newlyweds at the time; and Singalong sort of looked upon Nasty Nate as her hero because he involved in some online drama concerning her at the time. And also, she's rather religious and he palms himself off as a some great Bible scholar. But he's very controlling and a bully. To most men, he comes across as just repellent.

      Owen I think though is also a real threat. Amy has relatives close to where they live, and I've noticed that she's been taking off with the kids to visit them a lot more than usual lately. In some of his recent videos Owen is looking more and more insane. His eyes have that same look that some violent drug addicts on city streets have: like they're looking straight at you but seeing something else.

  2. A coworker had a miscarriage recently and took some time off. There can be some physical issues with it but far more is dealing with the emotional pain. (I mean you lost your child.) I wouldn't blame Ani for not feeling sociable after that. But I wonder about Nate's reaction. I wouldn't trust any prospective father who can bring up such a topic without crying because such a tragedy should hit you in your core as well. Especially if recent.

    1. I don't know. It seems more typical of women to come together and offer support at a time like this, but every woman is different, so...

      I've been reading up a bit about miscarriages. There's just a few weird things about the probable timeline that don't add up. Another weird thing was that vlogger 'Davey Crocko' showed yesterday that Nate was typing messages on Ani's account during a livestream posing as her. Something really strange is going on. While it's true that cultists are prone to do strange things on a regular basis, we still have to watch out that they don't hurt somebody in the process.

    2. Oh I'm not downplaying your concerns, just adding data.

      This may be of some interest to you.

  3. Sorry Nightwind but you have some serious competition over at The SLATE.

    1. I don't think that Slate's much competition, but...what are you referring to?

  4. NW, Ipse again. We finally have something of a proof of life concerning Ani: (timestamp 1:56:23)

    While not conclusive, it appears to me to be her. This doesn't speak too much to her emotional state, but perhaps a sigh of relief is in order.

    Still working on the other matters. Just thought you and your readers would like to know.Good day.