Sunday, March 29, 2020


   With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Amerboobs across the land are reverting to pre-2016 habits. One of these habits---for those who've forgotten---is creating New Normals. What this meant was: whenever the Elites or some other gang of crooks wanted to impose an unpopular policy, they'd simply change the terminology to disguise what it really was. A good Media blitz with Academia, Big Government, and Corporate America parroting the same phrases got widespread acceptance from the dunces. A prime example was how they renamed buggery and sodomy 'gay love'; and subsequently had millions of uneducated blockheads thinking that homosexuality was a perfectly normal and healthy lifestyle. To underscore the shift in public opinion (which only took a few months to accomplish, though the MSM said otherwise); government thugs locked up County officials and suppressed businesses of persons who weren't quite in step with the changing times. And there are many, many such examples.

    Pundits are confidently asserting that the COVID-19 'crisis' has changed American Culture forever. Actually, the panic has just brought out all of the most negative and worst aspects of it; but as these things are to be celebrated and not deplored, according to the MSM. 

     As a public service, we're going to publish a handy guide to understand the New Terminology. 

     NEW NORMAL                                                    OLD NORMAL

1 Quarantine---------------------------------------------House Arrest

2 Shelter in Place----------------------------------------Curfew

3 Social Distancing--------------------------------------Agoraphobia

4 Emergency Powers------------------------------------Martial Law

5 Temporary---------------------------------------------Permanent 

6 Conspiracy Theory------------------------------------Critical Thinking

7 Global Pandemic--------------------------------------Influenza Outbreak

8 Combating Disinformation--------------------------Censorship

9 Essential Business------------------------------------Special Interest

10 Sense of Community-------------------------------Mass Hysteria 

11 Putting Lives At Risk-------------------------------Asking Questions

12 Freedom---------------------------------------------Slavery

   Hopefully this Guide will be helpful. If readers can think of additions, please let us know!


  1. I think you've covered the waterfront, NW; but if I can think of any more terms to add to your spot-on list, I'll chime in!!

  2. Has anyone tried spreading the rumor that this virus has dirt on the Clintons? Because that's how you get rid of things in this country! Sorry, just some political humor. Hang in there, we're in a for a bumpy ride, but I got faith in Americans. Also, Orange man good.

  3. I'm getting distressed by how ensorcelled the population at large is by this nonsense. The real virus is this meme that Corona is so deadly that we must treat everyone like attempted murderers for the crime of being human.

    Professionals are not immune. My cousin, who is a veterinarian, ranted at length about a vet tech who coughed. A COUGH! But then again she is shackled to PC ideology as a member of a church whose defining plank is "we like gay people."

    Because we abandoned Christ we are at the mercy of an ever shifting pantheon of cruel gods. The State. The Economy. Career. Globalism. Environment. And now COVID-19. Worst of all, the Catholic Church willingly and readily abandoned her faith to white out to these devils. If this is not a sign of the end times, I don't know what is.

  4. abandoned her faith to whore out